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Good afternoon everyone,

Today I want to address the faithful community about why I've been so inactive and unresponsive for the past month. Without giving too much away, there is something major going on behind the scenes in my life which has essentially forced me to put all of my projects on hold. It's very complicated and I cannot really say more than that, but just know that I wouldn't leave you guys in the dark in the middle of our Summer Update if it wasn't absolutely crucial. Oh, and I've read some of your comments. "Oliver has made his money he will shut down the server." Please, stop being obstinate and grasp the fact that I've built this network from the ground up since 2014 and have zero intentions in ever closing it. Faithful is my baby... and right now it's not getting the attention that it deserves but for very good reason. Please respect that.

In regards to recent staff resignations... So to clear the air, I demoted one senior for immaturity and inexperience based on the complaints I received from you guys, and it's started a trail of resignations which I'm absolutely fine with. If these guys can't stand with a network during a hard time, then I don't want them on my staff team. I can say a lot more about some of these staff but there's no point in stirring the pot. The Senior Team will be back and better than ever when we return.

At this moment, Speed SOTW's will be suspended indefinitely. Speed will return when the behind the scenes situation passes. I know this is hard to hear, but it's obligatory. What I can do however is keep Kits online. I've also brought back the OG Faithful Practice for you guys to enjoy during this difficult time. When there is light at the end of the tunnel, Faithful will be revamped with a new fresh and motivated team including massive YT partners. I know exactly what I'm doing and Faithful will soon be in a better place than ever before, this I can promise you. Stay tuned.

I miss logging on and talking to you guys. Shout out to the real players for continuing to support the network. I love you all and will touch base as soon as I have an update.

~ Oliver

Summer Update Week #3 - SOTW Information and Important Network Changes!


Hey everyone! In this post I will include an update for each of the servers on the network. Things have been pretty hectic lately and I haven't been able to touch base with you all as of recently. Before I get into that though, I wanted to thank you all for the tremendous amount of support Faithful received for this years Summer Update! Your support helps us continue to thrive each and every year and I'm so appreciative of that.

In my eyes however, we did not deliver on our end for the update. Many of the features we promised were not completed due to the lack of commitment from our developer. One of the main features that weren't completed was our new Custom Enchants... which is something I've promised you guys for months on end. Not only did the 3 new custom enchants not work, but the entire plugin broke when deploying it on SOTW. This really upset me because of the time and money I've invested into it. Our developer consistently told me that he was working on this plugin for months and that they took up most of his developing hours and for them to not work is just a heart breaker. I could rant all day about other stuff... honestly, but in short I've let this developer go and am still looking for a full-time dev for FMC. (dev)


Speed has been running smooth for years. I really want to make it more competitive though. Many factions perceive Speed as a non competitive server, and I totally agree with why that may be. The server is very over-powered and that's why it translates into the name 'SpeedHCF.'

However, the server will remain over-powered. I'm not going to change the mechanics of a server that you guys have enjoyed for so long. With that being said, here's what I'm suggesting:

» FTOP Revamp! Additional to FTOP points being acquired from kills and events, I'm suggesting a brand new form of FTOP called Faction Level. Your factions level will be based on how many riches are stored in your factions claim. Emerald, Diamond, Gold and Iron Blocks will all contribute to increasing your level. This change will also give factions more incentive to make others raidable in order to steal their goods.

» SOTW Timer! Four hours is just too long... and I think it's time we make a change here. I've created a poll in discord which suggests a decrease to Three hours. Don't get me wrong, I believe three hours is still too long but it's definitely a start. Make sure to vote! (poll)

When I find the right developer, Custom Enchants will be completed and implemented.

I was considering doing a real-cash payout for the Faction Level as well.

Please give us your feedback by leaving a reply down below, as nothing will actually be changed or added without your guys approval.


Like Speed, Kits has also been prospering on Faithful for years. I think there's always room for change though... so what do you guys want to see? I had a few things in mind.

» OG Kits! In the Kits spawn we'd add a portal which gives players the option to teleport to a brand new Kits world with normal HCF terrain and map-kit load-outs. No donator Kits, no P2W and definitely no Partner Items or Custom Enchants. Similar to how the old Faithful Kits was.

» Daily Reward! To keep things simple, you'd be able to redeem a daily reward on Kits every day thru a GUI. The reward can range from a Crate Key, OP Loot or even Air Drops.

Again, please share your opinions down below!


I don't have much to say about Clans. Releasing this server on a Friday with Speed having SOTW the following day just isn't it. The map dies way too fast and so I was thinking that we could alternate Clans and Guilds each and every Sunday, similar to the old days on Faithful.

What do you guys think about this change?


Bringing back Guilds was an awesome idea. Just looking at those competitive and massive Faction fights is nostalgic. The map dies though... and even with the incentive of $1,000 PayPal, factions still quit. Voltage dominated right away, which was demoralizing for everyone else. So here's what I'm proposing for Guilds:

» All hardcore! Even back in the day Guilds was never fully hardcore. In order to diversify Guilds from Clans and Speed though, I feel as if we should make this change. I know for a fact that the map will die out... because actual hardcore factions has been dead for so long; but it'll...
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