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  1. CallMeA1pha

    FTB (updated roster)

    Wipzeyy is the carry
  2. CallMeA1pha

    Denied Topful korean

    - Immature - Way too young...
  3. CallMeA1pha


    Stop necro posting.
  4. CallMeA1pha

    Denied Builder Application.

    Last build is god tier +2
  5. CallMeA1pha

    Suggestion my opinion on faithfuls big move. (please read)

    Will never happen. So much money is made during sotw.
  6. CallMeA1pha

    Announcement 8.0 Week #13 - SOTW Information, Kits Reset & (New) Global Ultimate+ Kit!

    You should check out my suggestion app for kitmap. ps : If you don’t just another crucial thing that should be added is spawner Shop. So people can get speed books etc too enchant other p3 sets.
  7. CallMeA1pha

    Base Tour Nameless

    If you think the kb sticks are bad you got a whole lot coming!
  8. CallMeA1pha


    Depends what method you are learning.
  9. CallMeA1pha


    Minecraft for 2 weeks straight as my area is in quarantine. (New York if you are wondering)
  10. CallMeA1pha


    LETS GO BOYS, someone in my school just came back positive for corona GG
  11. CallMeA1pha

    Counting Recontinued.

  12. CallMeA1pha

    Recruiting Iran

    V hmu
  13. CallMeA1pha

    Trio or Duo next map

    20 mans?
  14. CallMeA1pha

    Voucher suggestion

    Maybe instead of making it so where you have to go into ts you can make it so when you hover over the voucher in the claim system it says how much it is and than puts a random code that works. I don’t how you Would configure this system you could just make around 100+ of these codes and make it...
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