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  1. Escapers

    Qaos/Zaidin's Staff Application [AU]

    +1 One of the best admin's when I was staff and was so chill, missed the times when we played on Kitmap when we were both staff lol.
  2. Escapers


  3. Escapers

    Bucaj [NA]

  4. Escapers

    Fvte's Helper Application

    -1 Lack of Details
  5. Escapers

    Staff Application ZachPvPs

    -1 Lack of Details
  6. Escapers

    Trickly's Staff Application [US]

    -1 Lack of Details
  7. Escapers

    read ban appeals pls

    Yeah, I agree. There will most likely be an unban all.
  8. Escapers

    Unraps' Application [US]

  9. Escapers

    JvstTea Staff Application [AU]

    -1 Lack of Details
  10. Escapers

    Staff Application

    -1 Lack of Details
  11. Escapers

    Vittige's Staff Application [EU]

    Vouch for HCRival
  12. Escapers

    shortygod Staff Applcation

    -1 Extremely toxic and immature.
  13. Escapers


  14. Escapers

    NativeSun's Staff Application [US]

    Yeah, don't usually comment on applications but have to agree with @Phunky @Tahti, and @Motivatie. Won't give any feedback due to me seeing everyone has said what was needed.
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