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Hey everyone

Today I will be addressing our Guilds EOTW & SOTW

Guilds EOTW will be launching on
Friday, February 24th at 5PM EST

Guilds SOTW will be launching on
Saturday, February 25th at 2PM EST

The 3.0 Launch changed Faithful. We never expected such a dramatic player increase, donations are prospering, and we've improved our overall server quality to the max. Like they say, hard work pays off. So with that being said, let's go over the next map of Guilds.

Map 11 Information:
Factions: 20 Man | No Allies
Kit: Protection 2 | Sharpness 2
Classes: Bard, Archer, Miner
Koths: 15 Minute Caps
Conquest: 300 Points

What to expect:
This map you can expect a smoother SOTW (No Crashing.) All bugs/exploits found in this map will be patched. We have implemented new features to improve game play. Additionally, we have improved connections & our VPN protection. Our 90% off sale will be lowered immensely. However, we will still have a sale, and prices will be changed accordingly to fit.

Additional Information:
We have decided to not release both Guilds & Clans on the same date. This is always subject to change for the future, but we feel this will be better for Faithful. EOTW and SOTW information for Clans will be released shortly. See you all Saturday!

Hi there,

So, I'm assuming everyone is dying to know why Faithful's servers were constantly crashing throughout the past week, right? Well I was too, but I found out the answer today.

J3wellZ (Robin) - a former MineHQ Platform Administrator was to blame for this. Basically, Robin was exploiting a crash command on our server(s) whenever he had the chance. This guy was trying to ruin Faithful. When I was at school, sleeping, etc - our servers would constantly crash.

@Jacob and I put so much time and money into trying to find out why our servers were crashing, and we were in disbelief when we found out the answer, and who was behind this all.

Do I have proof of this? Yes, 100% perfect evidence of J3wellZ (Robin) crashing our servers. I have submitted a video below where J3wellZ even admits to this all.

Lastly, I really hope you guys don't get a bad perception of our server quality because of the things that this guy did. We can guarantee minimal server lag, and no crashing! We have patched the crashing exploit, and hopefully he doesn't find any further ones in the future to come. The exposing video can be viewed below:

Hopefully everyone now understands the frustration we have been going through.

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