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Hey everyone,

We need your help. Something huge has been in development the past few months now, and will take place network wide on Faithful. More information will be coming shortly on another forums thread, but you all can make your guesses. When this releases, Warfare and Practice will as well.

As of now, we are calling out to the entire community to hear your overall bugs, suggestions, new features, and anything you guys want to bring up to improve FaithfulMC as a whole. At this point, I have read through almost every thread on our suggestions and bugs page through our forums. Most of the threads there have been taken into account, even if they weren't mark resolved/locked.

What we want you all to do, is reply to this thread with any suggestions, innovative features, or known bugs that you all have experienced while playing Faithful. Whether it's on our HCF servers, Kits, or even the Hubs, we want to hear your input. We are listening to the community! Thanks everyone.

Hey everyone

Today I will be addressing our Clans EOTW & SOTW

Clans EOTW will be launching on
Friday, May 12th at 5PM EST

Clans SOTW will be launching on
Saturday, May 13th
at 2PM EST

Thanks for a great Map 13 on Clans!
Let's jump into Map 14

Map 14 Information:
Factions: 5 Man | 1 Ally
Kit: Protection 2 | Sharpness 3
Classes: Bard, Archer, Miner
Koths: 10 Minute Caps
Conquest: 300 Points

What to expect:
For Clans Map 14 we decided to make some significant changes. For the first time, we are going to try a protection 2 sharpness 3 map. Although this is a harder map kit, you will still be able to win increased armor enchants in the "Kevstah" & 'Killa" crates. In this instance, protection 3 armor. Additionally, we have added (1) ally. You all enjoyed our previous Clans map with the
5 man / 1 ally factions size, so we decided to try it out again. We have made some simple bug fixes, changed miscellaneous colors around, and more.
See you all on SOTW!

Additional Information:
Going back to our Guilds Map 14 thread, Faithful will be going through a major network-wide update very soon. We are hoping to do this for Map 15 Clans & Guilds. Also, Practice and Warfare will release publicly when this major update occurs. Until then, we will be hosting open betas for Warfare and Practice. We are hoping to host our first Warfare beta next weekend.
The future is bright for Faithful. See you all soon.

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