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Hi there,

So, I'm assuming everyone is dying to know why Faithful's servers were constantly crashing throughout the past week, right? Well I was too, but I found out the answer today.

J3wellZ (Robin) - a former MineHQ Platform Administrator was to blame for this. Basically, Robin was exploiting a crash command on our server(s) whenever he had the chance. This guy was trying to ruin Faithful. When I was at school, sleeping, etc - our servers would constantly crash.

@Jacob and I put so much time and money into trying to find out why our servers were crashing, and we were in disbelief when we found out the answer, and who was behind this all.

Do I have proof of this? Yes, 100% perfect evidence of J3wellZ (Robin) crashing our servers. I have submitted a video below where J3wellZ even admits to this all.

Lastly, I really hope you guys don't get a bad perception of our server quality because of the things that this guy did. We can guarantee minimal server lag, and no crashing! We have patched the crashing exploit, and hopefully he doesn't find any further ones in the future to come. The exposing video can be viewed below:

Hopefully everyone now understands the frustration we have been going through.


Recently, our Kits factions, claims, and player statistics have been corrupted due to a database failure. However, bases have not been reset. Any base as of now is free to claim. We apologize for this malfunction, and this issue should not occur again. If you had a claim previously, you will not get it back. This means that you will need to locate your previous claim and reclaim it. Hopefully you all understand, once again we apologize for the major inconvenience!


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Hello can you please check out my ban appeal Ive been waiting for 10hrs its under anti cheat bans. Thank you!
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respond to my appeal please I want to play at sotw
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I'd like to ask about my accepted appeal and ask why my ban was reduced to 14 days and reduced entirely? If I did something wrong I understand but there was nothing that I could physically do, and just like that I'm banned for 2 weeks?
how do you appeal? i got false banned for using a god apple then getting sent to the void by a silverfish
Resigned from staff thank you everyone who supported me!

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