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Hey everyone,

Today I'm going to bring forth the recent drama concerning Faithful's DB Leak.
So, how did this information get leaked publicly?

Well, as you all know, two previous platform administrators were demoted Thursday, March 9th. These guys had access to our Buycraft payment section to confirm peoples' rank purchases, keys, etc. Post demotion, they had quickly exported roughly 4 months of donations. This information was then forwarded to Custom, and will most likely be released to the public soon. This is
unacceptable, especially for how far we've become as a network. As this happened, I tried to put a immediate halt to it. I offered Custom a large sum of money to delete the information he had, in an attempt to protect Faithful's community. However, I later found out that the databases were already distributed to many different people, and at this point, there's nothing we can do.

Now, let's look at slightly brighter side of things. Addresses were only leaked in the month of November. This is because we disabled entering billing information through Buycraft after the month of November. The situation isn't as bleak as it may seem and we promise nothing like this will ever happen again. I will be answering any questions on twitter @KillaMCOfficial. I will be moving forward from this point on, and I suggest you do the same.

Here is a full video explanation the entire situation:

Sincerest Regards,
Hey everyone,

Recently I have received many complaints from the Faithful community concerning the inactive and vacuous staff. Well I'm listening, and a huge turn of events will be taking place shortly. Faithful is growing at an insanely fast rate, and we need to improve our staff team! What can you expect?

Promotions will take place before next SOTW

AU (Australian) Staff: 5+ members
EU (European) Staff: 10+ members
US (American) Staff: 5+ members

A new rule will be taking place.
*Staff who go inactive for 3+ days without notice will be instantly demoted* No exceptions whatsoever.

As far as our current staff team, a major revamp will take place. Those who have been inactive without notice will be demoted with no warnings. Additionally, those who we've received many complaints about will be demoted as well. This had to be said, and hopefully everyone understands!

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