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  1. CallMeA1pha


    LETS GO BOYS, someone in my school just came back positive for corona GG
  2. CallMeA1pha

    Voucher suggestion

    Maybe instead of making it so where you have to go into ts you can make it so when you hover over the voucher in the claim system it says how much it is and than puts a random code that works. I don’t how you Would configure this system you could just make around 100+ of these codes and make it...
  3. CallMeA1pha

    Best player

    I’m pretty sure I am the best pvper on faithful atm. I have never been beaten by a faithful player. Anyone reading this I can probably 10 pot you. Just felt like I had to put that out there. accepting 1v1s on mmc if you really want to test this theory.
  4. CallMeA1pha


    I see this man everywhere. Probably the most genuine and professional person on these forums. EthanVIR deserves a chance to apply. Plus 1 If you agree. @muffinking2 reconsider!
  5. CallMeA1pha

    Suggestion Kits / crates suggestions

    Seasonal Kit The seasonal kit should be changed more frequently maybe depending on holidays and other stuff. I know it’s a seasonal kit but it’s kinda repetitive and becoming useless especially because it really isn’t that good. It’s basically just a protection 2 set with no custom enchants...
  6. CallMeA1pha

    Suggestion Kitmap ability items

    Kit Map Suggestions Ability Items I don’t know if this is just me or others feel this way but I think adding a variety of ability items into faithfuls Kitmap would be a huge deal and would make Kitmap a lot more fun. If you where to add such ability items you would have to make them fair and...
  7. CallMeA1pha

    Staff tier list (realistic)

    Owner KillaMC [US] - 9 Staff Manager muffinking2 [US] - 8 Platform Admin Gah [US] - 9 Voxals [US] - 6 Senior Admin gankah [US] - 10 SheepKiller69 [US] - ? Aquarians [US] - 8 DEVlN [US] - 9 Wrust [EU] - 7 wimpay [AU] - 8 OhLachlan [AU] - 8 Admin Cozyyy [US] - 8.5 Treyy [US] - 6 New2Me [US] -...
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