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  1. Escapers


    We need @wimpay as Platform-Admin, I need my bro to get this Platform-Admin. Then once they add Manager back we'll get [Manager] Wimpay So basically like this: :)
  2. Escapers

    Suggestion Bunkers

    Hey guys, I hope everyone is having a fantastic day. Anyways here's my suggestion. In the old days there was a thing called 'Bunkers' and I see Faithful's network trying to go back to the old days of Faithful, anyways Bunker's was a very popular thing back then, I think adding Bunker's to...
  3. Escapers

    Render Test [Cursing]

    Hey, Hope everyone's day is going well, I made a Render test and the music does contain violent words, I know most people don't care but just so you know. My PVP is trash, I don't care about my pvp I just wanted to see how good the render is, tell me if I should do anything with my OBS...
  4. Escapers


    Alright I just need to clear this out. I’ve seen a lot of hate on Wynter. If you have a report than contact muffinking2 on telegram instead of creating drama, constantly everyday I just see something about Wynter while you can get this situation over with, by just messaging muffin on telegram...
  5. Escapers


    I’m bored sooooo How much FPS do you get while recording? Just wondering haha Have a nice day guys, Escapers
  6. Escapers

    Suggestion Staff FMC

    Hey guys! Hope everyone is having an awesome day, but anyways here's my suggestion! I think there should be a FMC staff IRL. The last staff IRL was in 4.0 and Faithful has got a lot of new staff, plus I wanna see KillaMC, there might be a chance this time! But this is just my suggesting you...
  7. Escapers

    Suggestion FaithfulMC

    Hey guys. This is just a suggestion but maybe... A new FaithfulMC Staff Face Reveal! It’s been a while since they’ve made a face reveal. Also @Oliver still waiting for your face reveal to! Haha. Have a nice day. Kind Regards, Escapers
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