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  1. 3x2

    When is SOTW ? killa kiding us

    boohooo sucks to be static
  2. 3x2

    LastChecking- FaithfulMC Helper

    do you eat food?
  3. 3x2

    LastChecking- FaithfulMC Helper

  4. 3x2


    why is he bread? how??? why??????????
  5. 3x2

    Recruiting THE GANG

    but how he become bread?!?!
  6. 3x2

    Recruiting Recruiting Myth

  7. 3x2


    hi but how is he become bread?!?!
  8. 3x2

    Resolved Bard Jump Boost

    +1 i haven't played on this server in a while and i was honestly not suprised to see half of the issues there was when i played was still there
  9. 3x2

    Resolved Bug report

    IGN (In Game Name): 3x2 What is the bug?: Soo theres this common bug where set wont work and it will put this message it chat when will this be fixed its been here forever What server did it occur on?: prob all but not prac Video Evidence (If possible): Additional Information: nothing else
  10. 3x2


    Is being gay bad?
  11. 3x2

    Denied 3x2 - [ Danish translator application ]

    I sure did :D Thank you :D <3
  12. 3x2

    Denied 3x2 - [ Danish translator application ]

    no problemo senor ipadresso thank you for +1 me!!
  13. 3x2

    Denied 3x2 - [ Danish translator application ]

    Thank you kind sir!!
  14. 3x2

    Denied 3x2 - [ Danish translator application ]

    ❤️Thank you
  15. 3x2

    Denied 3x2 - [ Danish translator application ]

    IGN (In Game Name): 3x2 Age: 17 Do you have any punishments on FaithfulMC: I have a few mostly block glitching and panic abuse. How many hours can you put in the server per week: 20 hours+ Timezone: GMT+1 Country: Denmark Have you read the Translator Application Requirements: Yes i have. What...
  16. 3x2

    Accepted Bothways - German Translator Application

    +1 gut mein bruda
  17. 3x2

    The staff.

    I think theres a favortism towards player in the staff team. idk not to stur up drama /shrug.
  18. 3x2

    Hi im back

    its called being a weirdo when your interacting in the real life and you're fucking sitting on a minecraft forum
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