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  1. kpenes

    When is SOTW ? killa kiding us

    09.09.2020 - WE ARE BACK 09.14.2020 - WE'RE LOOKING FOR STAFF! 22.09.2020 - 1-1000 NUMBER Is Killa kidding us? , He hasn't opened the server for 1 month , If not, we are waiting for the announcement in vain. If he is going to open the server, give us a day or not at all
  2. kpenes

    Denied TURKISHGANG Translater Application

    IGN (Oyun İçi): TURKISHGANG Yaş: 15 FaithfulMC'de herhangi bir cezanız var mı: No Sunucuya haftada kaç saat sürebilirsiniz: haftada 10-12 saat Saat Dilimi: GMT + 3 Ülke: Türkiye Çevirmen Başvuru Koşullarını okudunuz mu: Evet Hangi dilleri konuşuyorsunuz: Türkçe | ingilizce Telgrafın var mı ...
  3. kpenes

    Suggestion about rogue setz

    God rogue set needs to be added to god crate We cannot have a rogue set on the server You can consider my request GOOD DAY , BIG FAITHFULMC NETWORK <3
  4. kpenes

    Resolved DELETED

  5. kpenes


    I connect to the server from turkey and ping usually 100-200 When will EU Proxy come?
  6. kpenes

    13Ping Telegram

    13Ping Staff can write if anyone knows @ Telegram?
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