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    When is SOTW ? killa kiding us

    good static
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    Suggestion Suggestion

    No the developers are smart and efficient they know what they are doibg and their goal is to keep all of the glitches and bugs out of the faithful minecraft network.
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    Who asked
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    C'mon Oliver

    Trust me i know people that dox
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    Unplug your router,wait 5 minutes plug it back in and your ip is changed
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    C'mon Oliver

    Yeah you can get ddosed if you dont change ot but you wont get ddosed unless some kid hates you really bad. But yea changing your ip takes literally 5 minutes and for some people it automatically changes daily so you should be fine
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    C'mon Oliver

    If your ip gets leaked and your not dynamic expect people to know where you live up to getting swatted
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    Very coll suggestion

    Ur the idiot
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    Roster Myth recruiting/roster

    Your'e are the fucking randoms that is doing quickdrop in himself LOL IDIOT
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    Good server

    Every 2 weeks a new annoucement like just say server opens up in 1-2 months instead of making anouncements every 2 weeks
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    My goal

    noone asked LOL
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    Roster Myth recruiting/roster

    Guess a 3rd worlder is better than you LOL
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    Suggestion Suggestion

    +1 so people wont wait in ts for 2 fucking days
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    Very coll suggestion

    @Oliver 1.Remove gunpower,pearls,glowstone from crates and keys. Why? It will get people to eventualy get out of their base and have to farm cuz that will get more pvp to the server. 2. Remove eff 10 or dont ban for it.
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    Shut the fuck up random LOL
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    do i return to hcf

    who asked
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    Yo can i have my name changed to Verxzy

    Yo can i have my name changed to Verxzy
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