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  1. Owen

    staff tier list

    Mods: imKB 1000000000000000/10 my mom <3 ily @ImKB Aerovale: 8/10 i guess ur ait but banned me for 3 days but you know what its been 3 days and i survived! thank you for reading my staff tier list have a great day also aquarians 10000000000/10 and incompatibles too maybe osich oliver 10/10...
  2. Owen


    SHOUTOUT BUTTA DOG CLAN SHIT GOT ME THROUGH A LOT this post was approved by the butta dog gang LLC @bukeer @Kyho @Bojkoo
  3. Owen


  4. Owen


  5. Owen


  6. Owen


  7. Owen


    can one of the three staff left please tell me when EOTW for kitmap is its so boring and its been going on for months there is legit nothing to do anymore and there is no point to having the map up right now. Please do EOTW and FFA on kits or fold @Gah @devin @muffinking2 @Oliver
  8. Owen


  9. Owen

    petition to do eotw and sotw on kits

  10. Owen

    Re: The Current State Of Faithful

    I've personally been playing Faithful since it was OPFactions in early 2016. In my opinion, at least, the state of Faithful is getting worse and worse every day. Not only did they remove PayPal, but they lost some of their best staff members. With more and more partners and staff leaving every...
  11. Owen

    faithfulmc diamond tier list

  12. Owen

    Suggestion Paypal

    The title speaks for itself. Add PayPal back to the store. It's stupid. I'm 15 and I can't get my own credit card so I legit have no way of buying unbans or airdrops (well literally anything on the store) it's really stupid from a business pov considering how most of the people who play this...
  13. Owen

    re: boal (email)

    re: boal boal is very cute also boal please add me on discord you forgot and i cant message you regards, - owen (ow#9999)
  14. Owen

    Staff Tier List - My Opinion.

    tier 1 - mexxel, wpo, nafta p.s: bokehh, habbits, expedia, falestine you boys will be missed. best builders ^ made good kitmaps
  15. Owen


    update: 24 hours in teamspeak smh faithful
  16. Owen

    free sophie

    #free sophie #wpoK #castrK #justice4sophie #sophiedidnothingwrong free sophie free sophie
  17. Owen


  18. Owen

    My Opinion - Staff Tier List

    Head Staff: KillaMC | 10/10 (amazing server owner, chill guy, nice to me!) Gah | 9/10 (been friends since he was helper, a great job working your way up. keep up the amazing work bro <3) Tahti | 10/10] (je zijn slecht op pvp) jk ily Wrust | 10/10 (I message him at 5 am sometimes also I gave...
  19. Owen


    Honestly, staff on faithful are getting progressively worse over time. First, my friend gets banned for "panic abuse" when he's sat AFK in his sub-claim room (LOL) at Walmart. Tahti checked logs and proved he was innocent, then the helper (Ticked) went absolutely silent. I think it's stupid how...
  20. Owen

    Roster Formidable (Kits)

    ~+~+~+Formidable Roster 2K20+~+~+~ Owner Clausey Leaders Hotish Tormet Captains DietCheetos ChEx__MiX idefk 11Hearts TinderProfile IgnTali Fallinq_Up Jiln 21Garbage Isaiah Distinctions Awaes carterb06 Snitchs weld_fredy Members hcp Yijkis ProQuickier HomeVideo Ozpi Tozy HoldEffects PotFirst...
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