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  1. Swizler

    Bosssman corner shop #3SJ MR 3MS

    shout out to all my nigga cats and my nazi's and my wojtek pms and my autism awarness gang members just wanted to make this post so i will only say it once and once only! So i was walking down the street with my uncle yea and then some donnie called like ethan crutches or something...
  2. Swizler

    Didn't wanna do this

    Forbidden have an ego on faithful kitmap so i'm gonna make a fac and ruin them if your interested in joining for the remainder of this map and next map msg me on discord heaj#9999 or on tele @Swizler. They have ego's so im making a fac call this a recruitment post or call me a kitmap warrior...
  3. Swizler

    Suggestion Please Fix the server

    Kitmap Bro what is this i log onto kitmap to actually play again and then i just afk at spawn for a bit finding a fac and using my boss kit every hour i forget all about it and 6hours later i have a stack of insta so i go to the gank and find Demise i hold down right click and i kill 7of them...
  4. Swizler


    I GOT KNOWN MEMBER FINALLY dont bully me i dont use the forums lol and dont even think about flexing on me with ur active member or Well Known member -.-
  5. Swizler


    Hello my name is swizle dizle I'm VERY toxic and annoying but yk who the fuck cares I like buying unbans and i also like annoying @BenBGamerYT and @osich but thats it Oh i also like cheating on faithful very fun to do and also one more thing @muffinking2 you sound like adios. If i get 1 of...
  6. Swizler

    Staff Tier List (not bias)

    Oliver (9/10) Pretty good owner does most of the stuff just needs to touch up on a few things but overall is a pretty good guy an owner Manager muffinking2 (7/10) Is pretty funny and does good as a manager he could do with moving ts more and responding to messages even tho thats not his job a...
  7. Swizler


    How is @Oliver gonna demote Tahti because @devin and @desiredjr just said he was immature like what devin legit swears at players in channels and not to mention the fact that he /killed 2 people for no reason and then said "i dont care lol fuck off" like no offence to oliver but we all know the...
  8. Swizler

    LOOOL Refrans

    So as some of you know "Refrans" has a client called "Cheat breaker" that he tried to make to get more known as he is a random and thought "lets rat people in it" He basically made a IIIIIILIIIIIIIILIIII infected client with a dupe code basically if you try to delete it it makes more and more...
  9. Swizler


    how do you get unbanned from teamspeak? is there a way you can buy an unban or something and if you can how does it work? bc i got banned for "ddos" threats and its a perm and i need to use teamspeak
  10. Swizler

    Faithful staff...... smh

    Ok so i get perm muted for saying "Solarise's dad is dead" when im pretty sure hes alive and Aabes has no problem seeing someones adress irl name location ip adress to fact check on personal info leak but he cant find out if someones dad is dead. hm And also when hauntings, drills nozl ohit...
  11. Swizler


    I've been waiting in teamspeak 8 hours today to get moved by a sr admin not a single person moved me or told me to wait a second killa said he was gonna get more active sr admins and donation has been clogged all day and 8 hours ive been waiting in teamspeak
  12. Swizler

    another toxic kid as u can see here im been told to "kys". if this guy could be muted or banned. what ever the punishment for this is. thanks for ur time <3
  13. Swizler

    ban this toxic kid this guy told me to "Kys" is nick was "col" is ign is CurryCola u can check his logs so. please ban this toxic person or mute him. thank you
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