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  1. Gpt

    Hella good AC

    he is obviously cheating on his own team mates in this clip. Top tier ac ngl.
  2. Gpt

    Tierlist of Staff

    Mr Kahn
  3. Gpt

    Recruiting Recruiting a basebitch for 10 mans

    Rules You cant leave the base and you brew when needed Tele - @YoungGpt Disc - Gpt#9999
  4. Gpt

    Recruiting need NA players

    @YoungGpt On tele
  5. Gpt

    rip zona
  6. Gpt

    Waterpark ft. Souffyans base (CokeLLC)

    Gpt Gawk Gawk
  7. Gpt

    Waterpark ft. Souffyan (CokeLLC)

    ggs credits to gruntings aka thrst
  8. Gpt

    Suggestion Bard

    Can this server fix bard. Im tryna learn how to bard and its aids when speed 3 costs 35 energy its practically useless.
  9. Gpt

    LFF Gpt

    @YoungDrillar on tele need a reason to want to play again
  10. Gpt

    Suggestion Paypal payments

    winning maps = paypal money ez more players and it gives more factions a reason to play giving yourself more cash in the end. we all know you've made enough money to this with huge payouts. 1 - 70 Paypal 2- 50 Paypal 3- 20 Paypal Give us a reason to try and play.
  11. Gpt

    Roster New Rush Roster

    If you arent bad hmu on discord we're still recruiting Gpt#0069 Star = Bard No Star = Diamond Fencer = Rogue Pearl = Rotations
  12. Gpt

    Roster Recruiting Diamonds / Bards

  13. Gpt

    Base Tour my base

    my base
  14. Gpt

    Base Tour Yuh baby

  15. Gpt

    Better Builds

    make shit look more exciting for recordings etc like koths
  16. Gpt


  17. Gpt

    3 mans

    i already want to hang myself
  18. Gpt

    Roster CheaterSquad

    Gpt - Diamond / Rogue Versu - Diamond 1v1er - Captain / Diamond Phasion - Captain / Bard Limitate -...
  19. Gpt

    LFF Gpt

    Well yeah im a diamond LFF got no POVS but i got pfs dm me on discord for pfs Gpt#4030 F
  20. Gpt

    Recruiting SalmonGang

    ╔═══*.·:·.☽✧ ✧☾.·:·.*═══╗ SalmonGang Recruitment ╚═══*.·:·.☽✧ ✧☾.·:·.*═══╝ Requirements ➦Must be over the age of 14 ➦Must be active 3+ hours daily ➦Working Microphone ➦Dedicated ➦Timezones- EU and US What the faction Offers ➦Experienced Owners ➦Experienced Players ➦Fun...
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