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  1. Owen

    Recruiting Sweden | Recruiting

  2. Owen

    staff tier list

    updated! check it out
  3. Owen

    staff tier list

    not good enough
  4. Owen

    Suggestion /pt claim (Airdrop price)

    +1 butta dog
  5. Owen

    staff tier list

    p.s: new2me is vape god
  6. Owen

    staff tier list

    Mods: imKB 1000000000000000/10 my mom <3 ily @ImKB Aerovale: 8/10 i guess ur ait but banned me for 3 days but you know what its been 3 days and i survived! thank you for reading my staff tier list have a great day also aquarians 10000000000/10 and incompatibles too maybe osich oliver 10/10...
  7. Owen


    SHOUTOUT BUTTA DOG CLAN SHIT GOT ME THROUGH A LOT this post was approved by the butta dog gang LLC @bukeer @Kyho @Bojkoo
  8. Owen

    gpt happy birthday

    happy birthday!
  9. Owen

    Vailable (Australian)

    +1000000000000 helped me a shit ton on Luxor back in the day and also FMC only ogs remember this guy @muffinking2 don't even interview him just give him admin p.s: super dedicated hard working guy and he's a great friend very loyal and deserves another chance. Great application easy to read and...
  10. Owen


  11. Owen

    Staff Tier List

  12. Owen

    Announcement Speed SOTW x 10 Man Factions! Knockback, FTOP and more! (Week #5)

    that's true, they arent really used for anything other then that and kitsniping in fights, they don't even do much damage they are just very annoying and slow someone that you're chasing down
  13. Owen

    Announcement Speed SOTW x 10 Man Factions! Knockback, FTOP and more! (Week #5)

    @Oliver maybe go back to the old percentages for airdrop rewards or increase it at least, I used to get a lot more worth and a lot more things but besides that looks good! <3
  14. Owen

    Ghastinq (Norway)

    +1 hei du er norsk ! :D
  15. Owen

    Kitmap Changes

    +1 ee
  16. Owen

    Itsjoran exposeee

    I do not vouch I have to say DV for this one because joran is best and nameless / jenava is better and ur just mad L?
  17. Owen


  18. Owen

    Suggestion for custom tag ! - /changecustomtag [new tag u want]

    bonjour ! comment ca va? :D
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