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    Good server

    Every 2 weeks a new annoucement like just say server opens up in 1-2 months instead of making anouncements every 2 weeks
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    Very coll suggestion

    @Oliver 1.Remove gunpower,pearls,glowstone from crates and keys. Why? It will get people to eventualy get out of their base and have to farm cuz that will get more pvp to the server. 2. Remove eff 10 or dont ban for it.
  3. V


    Hello??? @Oliver open speeds i cant play this stupid viper anymore
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    Suggestion Thing that is make servar better

    Seriously either fix ur stupid glitches or just dont ban people for them. For example lets take the eff 10/pearl glitch. If your getting crit out but you pearl and break the blocks you will get in with your enemy and after that you will probably get banned but i dont understand why do you have...
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    Suggestion The suggestion.

    1.Pearls. From what ive saw this map they are not that bad but you could improve them by making it so people can crosspearl. 2. Pearling and breaking a block. Either remove eff 10 so people cant do it or just dont ban people for doing it like its retarded to get banned for something you guys...
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    Suggestion Suggestions

    1. So i saw from an announcement that hub restricted will be added back but for it to be special you have to make it so people can message and see eachother.And you might say this will cause lag, but it wont since its made for high rank players. 2.Fix pearls. I remember 2 maps ago they were...
  7. V

    LFF Verxzy LFF

    Looking for a faction for next map of speeds. A faction that knows how to fight and run in bases. My main class is bard and im boss rank i can probably get 10-20 queue and get us a claim. Discord: Verxzy#7991
  8. V


    I believe that there should be added an option where you can disable or enable seeing other players and also messaging them because what is the point on having a huge cool looking hub if you cant interact with people. This should also be implemented on practice. edit: It would also make it not...
  9. V

    Building while in combat

    I recently wanted to suggest making it so you cannot place blocks while combat tagged or atleast try it out for 1 map to see how it turns out and what are players opinions about it because it will most likely motivate people who trap to leave their base and go fight people. Now most of you will...
  10. V


    So i made this trhead to suggest removing 2 things. -Remove the head that a player drops when he dies and add an enchant to sword that has a chance of dropping someones head uppon death. -Remove the deathsigns. They are literally so anoying and useless i was literally trying to pvp in a bard set...
  11. V

    Combat tag on withering

    Okay so it has been couple of times were i would snowball people into my faller when im the only one in my faction and because im a bard i havw to call my teammates on discord and tell them to log on which would take atleast 1 minute so i would like to suggest making it so that people get combat...
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