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  1. BeachSeason

    LFF Hardcore or chill doesn't matter.

    Hello people of faithful Just looking for a chill/hardcore pvp group looking to have fun for the return of faithful. Also I like base work cause building is life ;)
  2. BeachSeason

    Accepted BeachSeason's Builder Application

    IGN (In Game Name): BeachSeason Age: Currently at a whole 20 years of age. Do you have TeamSpeak & Telegram: TeamSpeak: BeachSeason Telegram: @CanIBeSunny Telegram name: @CanIBeSunny Previous Work (Portfolio): I currently do not have any experience being a builder for any server...
  3. BeachSeason

    Intentionally E-girl baiting you - BeachSeason/Introduction

    Well Unfortunately you kind folks are gonna have to sit through this short introduction of myself and how I myself became a new member of the I'd like to thank all you kind souls and the WEIRD CREEPY PEOPLE for stopping by and taking...
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