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Denied _GLOCK's Translator Application

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IGN (In Game Name): _GLOCK

Age: 17

Do you have any punishments on FaithfulMC: Yes, but i learned from my mistakes.

How many hours can you put in the server per week: Around 35h

Timezone: GMT +1 ( EU )

Country: Bulgaria

Have you read the Translator Application Requirements: Yes, i did read the "TAR"

What language(s) do you speak: Bulgarian ( Also almost the all balkan languages, they are almost the same like Bulgarian ). English, and learning French at school.

Do you have a good quality mic: Yes, I do have a good quality microphone.

Do you have Telegram?: Yes, @NotGLOCK

Any past experiences in being a translator: Not yet, I got accepted for translator last year but i got something like a break from the game and didnt get my rank in teamspeak.


Active Member
Extremely toxic
Speaks Bulgarian, I have seen a lot of Bulgarian players on Faithful lately.
I don’t think we have a Bulgarian translator role aswell but we might do.
Not open for further replies.
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