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Ashton, U.S.A

Age: 13
Timezone: EST
Country: USA
Do you have a quality mic?: No, but I'm getting a new one soon.
Do you have telegram & Teamspeak?: Yes
How many hours can you put into the server per week?: An average of 15-20 hours.
Any previous punishments on faithful?: Yes, but I did appeal and it was accepted. What happened was I went afk over night and when I came back it said Area 51 has banned you or something along those lines.
Any past experiences in being a staff member: I was a staff member on a server called Skymetro as I was a helper.
Why do you want to become staff?: I have been playing hcf for a while and I think Faithful does it right and I want other players to realize this too.
Why should we accept you as staff?: I think I can really change someones perspective on Faithful for the better.
Additional Information: I play lacrosse and love to go outside and hangout with my friends.
Sorry Ashton,

But your application will not be even revised with that amount of words, if you really want to apply you should add more effort into your application.

Also the minimum requirement is 2000 words, You only have 178.

I'll have to give this a rating of -1.
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