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Announcement Changes are being made, Speed SOTW and More! (Week #4)


Come play Faithful!


Changes are being made.

Hey everyone, I hope you are having an awesome Friday so far. This past week, iMakeMcVids and I have collectively gone over all of his input and suggestions from the Faithful community.

With that being said, we're pushing some important changes to Faithful starting now.

This weekends changelog:

- Added Archer stacking!
• First tag = 1.5 Hearts | Second tag = 2 Hearts | Third tag = 3 Hearts
• If a player is archer tagged, a sword will do 20% more damage

• Changed Archer Tag color to stand-out in chat.
- Lowered Rogue damage from 4 hearts to 3 hearts per backstab
- Fixed global donation broadcasts
- Various iMake Owner Loot Box fixes plus increased odds for Owner Items!
- You can no longer access other claims with SOTW Timer enabled
- All enemies now have a red name
- Added /f focus (player) which will focus the faction.
- Changed scoreboard colors from grey to white for Focus to stand-out
/focus (player) to focus a player
- Added /f unfocus (faction)
- Kits /spawn timer is now 30 seconds
- Sync Hub is back online
- Fixed a bug with Quick Dropper
- Fixed a bug with Disarmer
- Lowered switcher cooldown to 30 seconds


- Various crucial pearl fixes
- Fix Hub Restricted and Sync not working for some players
- Fix /hub taking multiple times to work
- Fix existing issues with Faction War, recode with new features
- Add new Color Hop event
- Add custom mob drops
- Fix Boss Gun invincibility glitch with Sniper mode
- Allow members in enemy claims to pot on furnaces, c-tables and hoppers *while shifting*
- Add a DTR & Faction place holder above each players name
- Fixed pearls being cleared when entities wipe
- Give players with PvP Timer a gold color
- Fixed a bug with Quick
- Add being able to view skin on 1.8 client
- Fix Implants

It is clear that we are working very hard on continuing to improve Faithful to make the server the very best it can be for you guys. If you have any suggestions of what you want to see added, simply leave a comment below.

We will be reading all of your suggestions diligently. Thanks everyone!


Owner Items

We're bringing back 'Owner Items' this weekend on Faithful. There are four items that can only be found in the Loot Box.

iMake's Disarmer:

Hit an opponent for the chance to disarm their weapon! There is a 30% chance of disarming. Only works on diamonds.
5 Minute Cooldown
10 Uses

iMake's Quick Dropper:

Hit an opponent to temporarily remove their helmet for a duration of 10 seconds.
3 Minute Cooldown
10 Uses

iMake's Anti Pearler:

Hit an opponent to put them on pearl cooldown for 12 Seconds!
3 Minute Cooldown
10 Uses

iMake's Bone of Wisdom:

Hit an opponent to disable their building and opening/closing of fence-gates for 15 seconds!
1 Minute Cooldown 30 Second
10 Uses



SOTW takes place Saturday @ 1PM EST!


4 Man Factions, 1 Allies

Protection 1, Sharpness 1

Archer, Miner, Bard, and Rogue enabled.

5 Minute KOTH Caps

10 Minute Citadel Cap

150 Point Conquest Cap

150 Point End Conquest Cap


Conquest takes place Sunday @ 1PM EST

Citadel takes place Monday @ 2PM & 5PM EST!

End Conquest takes place Tuesday @ 3PM EST!

Citadel takes place Thursday @ 2PM & 5PM EST!

EOTW takes place Friday @ 5PM EST!


1st Place $50.00
2nd Place $30.00
3rd Place $15.00


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Yo @Oliver you should fix the switcher glitch because everytime you pearl and someone then switchers you it cancels your pearl, and it’s 8 man facs so that going to be aids to kite from. Upvote if you agree
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