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Recruiting Coke Is back+recruiting

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ah u were yjabi guy u wasnt that good i quickied u once doh. but i wasnt even playing srs lmaoooo
Yeah you totally weren't playing ranked serious yet you were making fun of people that lost against you,
Also in the only quickdrop you got against me I still had 3 pots more than you so how much of a win is that really LOL

Also, 'I wasn't that good', is that why you complained about me having 'reach' 4+ times?
Ok, i have fought you with my faction 4v4 and we have 7-0 you. With phirionXD and whatever we fucking 7-0 you randoms.
Fuck off with your dumb ego that you will beat us it took alot of convincing for you to fight us and i know why because you would fucking get 7-0 jesus christ you are dogshit.
Who tf r u u dogshit randoms legit no1 knows u and your faction u dadless random. You are roster is dogshit ur faction is dogshit and it will always be dogshit. Ur members are randoms u legit have filsdehomo’s brother in ur fac LOL. Rush is better than you guys and so Is STB even fucking myth is better shitter. Stop using my name thinking ik u u legit asked me to join ur fac. Keep begging to boxfight u fucking fan. @Kavans @Turpes @Coki @Zasver . Like this comment if u agree that zoefff is more of a clown than preposing
We 6-2 myth wdym and yes we lost twice which is awful but you are just mad we allied on you in sage ;) dont @ me you stupid frenchy with a baguette stuck up your ass.
Not open for further replies.
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