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Suggestion Community Outreach, Kitmap Suggestion, Message to Oliver.

yaboyash FW

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I'm not going to guilt you or make you sound like a bad owner, because I have sympathy for you. I understand that you have your own life, and Faithful is not everything in your life. I do believe that you need to take accountability, though. You need to find some sort of balance to your server. You need to find the balance of how you make $, but your server is not too overpowered, and your community is pleased. That's hard and I understand that.

You need a suggestion manager. Someone who is able to be constantly available on the forums, and is able to see when something is possible for developers to do, and something positive for the community. More specifically, a community outreach manager. I don't understand how so many threads are just completely ignored, talking about how good your server is, but there are things that need to change. Those threads are completely overlooked, and that leaves the message with your customers, your player base, that you don't actually care about your server. If you were to put someone in charge of reaching out to the community, responding positively, and messaging the devs if it actually is concerning, your community wouldn't see it as 'he doesn't care about his server, he doesn't listen to suggestions' and more positively, because someone is at least responding to them. At the same time, that person can't be involved in the amount of drama that goes on within the staff team.
This is an extremely toxic community, and they can put you down sometimes, but you need to learn how to please the larger portion of your non-toxic community, which would be most easily done with community outreach.

That said, here are my suggestions for Kits:

I have made threads upon threads of suggestions like these, and they have been ignored, as Lachlan was the only one who came close to a community outreach person, and he came after these suggestions were far gone.
I now see how these threads could be easily ignored, as they do have some parts that would be impossible to implement due to the fact that customers have already paid for things that you cannot take away from them.
That said, you need to think of something to do about how OP things are right now. Ultimate Kit is unfair, and not needed. Protection 3, Sharpness 3, combined with Custom Enchants. It's impossible to have reasonable team fights anymore. I think that we should change the newly normalized OP Kits back towards a more equalized playing field, which wasn't even very equal. I think we should go back to a max kit of Sharp 2, Prot 2. That includes keeping all crates the same, but nerfing donator kits. Yes, this would upset a very small portion of donators, but a large portion of your donators, with Boss rank and Custom+, don't like the current state. They want to go back to when there were daily team fights on kits, and it was much more competitive and fun.
Next, add more effects for bards, and more stats for non-diamond players (here for more detail).

I know you're dealing with things right now outside of your work life, but I think that everything in this thread would be a big step toward bringing Faithful back to the state that it was before a ton of problems arose.
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I do agree, but maybe make 2 seperate kitmaps. One for p3 s3 and stuff like it is now
and a different og sort of realm
this way, the people get what they payed for :D

thanks ash for making this, i agree w u man :)
I talked to a few staff members about this, and it came down to: "Oliver already makes announcements and has polls with the community." This is true, Oliver has taken a huge amount of responsibility for his server, and manages the community pretty well. The problem is, there's no person in-between the staff team (specifically management and admins), and the players. When there are suggestions, it requires a HUGE amount of people CONSISTENTLY saying "This shouldn't be this" for anything to be said about it by management. That needs to be changed.
A HUGE/the main example of a lack of communication between staff members and players is disqualifications. Players rarely know when they've been disqualified (until after the map) and have no say in what can happen after they have been disqualified.

Just something to take into thought. I do think that someone who would reach out to the community would be an extremely positive thing for everyone, as I do think Oliver has too much responsibility on his shoulders currently.
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