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Dan [UK]


Well-Known Member
Once he was demoted, he proceeded to get blacklisted for leaking builds (since he was also a builder back then). I don’t see any trust coming back from that nor you coming back to the team. Sorry.

In Game Name:
↠ ImDxn

After re-gaining access to my old account I will now be using this as my main account from now on.
Alt: Grapyyy


↠ 15


↠ Gmt +1


↠ United kingdom, England.


Microphone Quality:
↠ As of now I have a standard microphone. (Logitech G433)


Do you have Telegram and Teamspeak?:
↠ Yes, I am active on both.


How many hours can you put in the server? Per week?:
↠ Below I will include my activity schedule.

Monday: 6-10 hours
Tuesday: 6-10 hours
Wednesday: 6-10 hours
Thursday: 6-10 hours
Friday: 6-10 hours
Saturday: 7-12 hours
Sunday: 8-14 hours

Same times apply during holidays & school.


Any previous punishments on Faithful?:
↠ Most recent punishments, (The past week or so)
I have recently received a mute for spam, this was due to the fact that I had posted three messages containing the same information rather than two.

↠ Older punishments, (1 year ago. Give or take.)
I have, in the past, recieved a blacklist. This was a misunderstanding a long time ago ( After I left faithful ) I had talked to Oliver (KillaMC) and it turned out to be a misunderstanding, everything was fixed and I was unbanned. But unfortunately my time here was ended.
(As of now these are the only punishments I am aware I have received.


Any past experiences in being a staff member?:

Demoted / Resigned?: Demoted.
↠ The time I spent on faithful was the root of my experience, here I gained the proper understanding of what it means to be a staff member, here I not only grew as a staff member but a person. I had encountered a variety of different people, I was demoted due to not being able to handle certain situations in a more professional manner, however I saw this as an opportunity to grow and gain new experiences in new community, a while after faithful I set out to find a new server and help that server grow and become a better place. I feel I did a lot of good. However I also had my handful of mistakes, I feel this was due to my lack of experience as a staff member. My time away from faithful have given me more opportunities to grow, learn from my mistakes and be a better (overall) person.

Demoted / Resigned: Resigned.
↠ Once my time on faithful came to an end I took a break from minecraft, returning from my break HCRealms was the next big server I staffed on. here there would be around 20-30 people on regularly. However as time passed it slowly began to disassemble. The server was sold and since then, to my understanding, it has been under new-ownership. During my time here it really refreshed me and reminded me of my time on faithful. Here I once again felt as motivated as ever to staff once again. I feel I had improved and grown on my overall abilities as a staff member. I had resigned due to owners having different mind-sets on what they wanted to do with the server, personally I did not agree with what they doing, using their management staff for their money, dedication and activeness in the birth of the server ( Essentially some of the Owners were corrupt, using people for their money etc. )

Demoted / Resigned: Resigned
↠ I don't remember a lot here despite staffing here for around a month. I had joined the HCPearl community after HCRealms. I remember having a lot of fun here, it's all a little bit of a blur. HCPearl averaged around 10-20 people on regularly and was primarily a kits server.

Demoted / Resigned: Resigned
↠ VoltaneMC was a great place, I staffed with one or two ex faithful staff and it was really fun. I had resigned just after the official openings. On the opening it had around 60 people I believe (Could be wrong) and shutdown shortly after I had left. Although whilst I was staff the server was growing at an exponential rate it kept running into its fair share of problems. Whether it be DDosing, bottting or other issues. It would be fixed one minute then down the next. Voltane was a great place to be and the community was so nice and welcoming to new people. I hadn't staffed or played as much as I or anyone else would have hoped and this was because of the re-occurring issues. Here was good to begin staffing once again.

Jurrasic HQ:
Demoted / Resigned: Resigned
↠ I don't feel I really gained any experience here. My time here was short, the server was in development and by the time I had left it was still not officially released, there wasn't really a lot to do and I was loosing my passion for minecraft. In the time I was here I had some connections with the staff but apart from that. This was all I had on Jurassic. I had real-life problems to deal with so I unfortunately left.

Demoted / Resigned: Resigned
↠ My time here is one I will always remember, it was owned with one of my good friends at the time. I had gained quite a bit of experience, a little like Voltane the server kept being attacked. The server was griefed and little was left after sometime. It was under-developed and in my opinion, shouldn't have been open to the public yet. I resigned due to security measures being slim to none and my own internet being attacked. As a result the whole server and staff team suffered from this.

↠ I do remember one or two servers that I had spent my fair amount of time before faithful but it was a long time ago and it all seems like a blur. I remember one being SyncPVP but i lack the detail of the server and my positions etc...


Why do you want to become staff?:

↠ Speeds. As a staff member I am aware you cannot play speeds. So the time I am currently spending on it would be put into helping better the community. I am a long-time player of faithful, despite my recent break from it, I understand the game mechanics and how everything should be. I could apply this to staffing, I feel I have a vast understanding of the server, its rules and punishments, what can and can't be done. So when it comes down to staffing, I believe I could make my final verdict on the spot. Without hesitation and without referring back to other staff members or the staff guide.

↠ Kit-map. I do know staff can play kit-map and I see them on frequently. Kit-map despite being a factions server is a "chill" area, not only for members but for staff. It's an area where staff can interact with the community, play along side them and an area where they can take a break from staffing. However this doesn't mean it's impervious to cheater, as a staff member you must regularly staff there like speeds. I spend a lot of time here, playing with friends. And personally have come across cheaters myself. But sometimes /report, /helpop or just going in TeamSpeak isn't enough. The damage they cause to members while they are online is important to think about. As an active member of the community I feel If I were to be accepted and given the opportunity I would be able to reduce the amount of damage caused by cheaters, and stop them in their tracks.

↠ Practice. Sometimes practice can be flooded with cheaters, especially on special occasions, such as waiting in queue or first day openings. During these times staff can be bombarded with cheater notifications. I know this from experience. And it's important to not get overwhelmed with this and take everything one step at a time. My experiences, I feel, have prepared me for such situations and if need be I believe I would be able to swiftly move from person to person checking them for cheats and potentially even screen-sharing them, however. Like kit-map practice is also another place staff members can play on. Engage with the community and be able to relax and take a break from staffing.

↠ Guilds & Clans. I'm not the most familiar with these two game modes. I have some experience with them from before i was a staff member on faithful, But unfortunately I believe they were closed not long after I began playing them, however from my experiences it was a lot like speeds. I feel the my knowledge on speeds and kits could be applied here due to them being such similar modes.

To add to this, I would like to join the staff team to not only add on to my previous experience but I feel it would also help with real world skills such as social confidence, I don't have a problem with this in the virtual world ( Games and General communication through them ) but rather have this problem IRL.


Why should we accept you as staff?:

↠ I feel I have a lot to offer, not only for Faithful but for the whole community and staff team, I feel I posses certain characteristics which I will talk about and go in-depth below.

Dedication is a key characteristic when becoming a staff member, no matter the situation, I personally always do my hardest to solve it and making sure the situation is dealt with. I always finish the task I am given, I will always put the situation at hand before most things. As you may know I have previous experience as a builder on the server, during this time I feel I showed a lot of my dedication towards something when completing builds. I put a lot of time into completing my projects. I feel I would be extremely focused on the server putting 100% effort in at all times.

Typing is not the most needed aspect to a staff member, however I believe it is still needed. It is essential you can communicate to people with or without microphones or speakers. I personally feel I am a fairly fast typer and when it comes down to support rooms not everyone can hear you so you need to fast in responding so you can help with their problem or situation as fast as possible, whether it be a cheater is killing them or something as bad as ddosing, doxing etc. I wouldn't take a millennia responding so their issues will be dealt with as fast as possible and help them as best as I can, I feel I wouldn't be wasting time typing than actually helping them with their situation. Over my whole staffing experiences I have encountered numerous situations when people are unable to communicate through voice chat and have had to resort to text chat so this still is rather useful and needed.

Self Confidence:
as a staff member it is important be be confident with your final judgement, not doing so will lead you to question every action you make. It is important to know if you are doing the right thing, and once you have made your verdict you should be able to stand by and stick to it. I personally feel self-confidence is one of the most needed aspect to becoming a staff member.

I see myself as a good listener. You have to make sure you are listening to both sides of the story, not making assumptions of what one person has told you, so when you come to make your judgement on the situation you aren't being biased to one side. However it's not just about listening to people, it's also about taking comments and using them to grow as a person, for example not acting harshly to someones comment about you. It's about taking that information and using it to improve not only as a staff member but as a person of the community.

Maturity is one of the most, if not __the__ most needed and essential part to a staff member. It's the transition from being a child to an adult / adult figure. It's expected to be able to handle situations without being overly harsh, I do feel my time away from faithful has shone a light over me, I feel I have grown and learned from my past mistakes, and I feel I have adapted to deal with the situations I had struggled with before. I try be as professional and mature as possible. I see myself as a mature person, and I feel over the past year I have shown that not only in the servers I have staffed on but the people and community's I have encountered.

Kindness, is an essential feature when becoming a staff member. Being friendly to fellow players is not only an important part as a member, but also a staff member. I, like anyone have been toxic in the past, however over the past few months I feel I have shown the level of kindness and maturity amongst the variety of different community's and servers I have been on. However I do feel everyone has been toxic in the past, whether it be just a bad day or something was on their head, I personally feel I have changed, and changed for the better, growing not only as a staff member but also generally growing as a person over the past year. I personally believe my time away from faithful was for the best, I feel i have learned from my mistakes to, I do think myself to have a nice manor, and this quality of mine I see would be extremely useful when helping out the community.

I see myself as an extremely active person and I feel I could put a lot of time into faithful. Like stated above I had posted an activity schedule which shows my available hours to be active.

These I believe are some of the characteristics I feel I posses and are essential for a staff member.


Additional Information:

↠ As some of you may know I was previously staff on FaithfulMC. And some of you may know me. My name was Wynter, I know I wasn't the most liked staff member, and like others I had made my mistakes. I was demoted for those mistakes I made, and maybe I wasn't ready to become a staff member. Maybe I wasn't ready to take on the tough situations I previously had struggled with. However Like I had said, I had my mistakes. But I believe it's important to not over-look the good I have done, the people I had helped. And the connections I had made with the community. Over the past year I have been gone, I have been away gaining experience and learning from my mistakes. I now feel I am once again ready to take on the responsibility of being a staff member.

*I was going to and fro on a colour scheme and couldn't decide on one. If anyone has any ideas feel free to let me know !*
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