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DynamiteKids - Staff application

IGN (In Game Name): DynamiteKid

Age: 12

Timezone: Central Time Zone

Country: United States

Do you have a good quality mic?:Yes

Do you have Telegram & Teamspeak?: I have Teamspeak (if so i will download Telagram!

How many hours can you put in the server per week: 2 to 3 hours a day!

Any previous punishments on Faithful?: None.

Any past experiences in being a staff member: Yes. I am a admin currently and a T-mod on another server ! never go tin in trouble before for abuse or anything like that so hopefully that can boost my application!

Why do you want to become staff?: Because i love the server and think that most staff members are not online a lot, and i feel i could be of great use to stopping hackers, cheaters, greifers, and other players breaking the rules. Also if i can get helper it would give me something to do on the weekends. I would help players in need and will sometimes help other staff members if they need any assistance, And i want to be staff because iv ben in a couple fights with hackers. I know how it feels when people have good stuff then die to a hacker hopefully i can help that!

Why should we accept you as staff?: You should accept me because i love FaithfulMC i realy do and i hope i can fix the problem with hackers. I do find quiet alot of hackers with my experiance iv been playing the server for a while and i recently reset my pc. Another reason is the racism in chat i hate it i want to stop all these players from cheating,Abusing Glitches,Hacking and more! So hopefully i can get accpeted and you made the right decision to accept me! Thanks for letting me apply and hopefully see you in Teamspeak!

Additional Information: Even though i'm 12 i'm hoping you will disregard my age and take me for more important traits, like Maturity.


Known Member
[-]Lacking detail in all areas
[-]Not much effort shown
[-]Don't reach requirements (2k Words)

Best of luck!


Known Member
I have thoroughly read through your application and decided to -1 it for the following reason(s):
  • Lack of detail
Best of luck,
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