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Announcement FaithfulMC Summer Update Announcement!


Man it's been a long minute since I've typed up a post. I hope you're all doing well! Today, I'm pleased to announce Faithful's long awaited 2020 Summer Update. I will cover everything in great detail and answer all of your questions, so be sure to read everything thoroughly! We have a ton of new content planned out for you guys plus 20 more weeks of fun to follow!

First, let's take a look at our release schedule without giving too much away...

» Lunar Client API!
» Improved Knockback across all servers
» Re-worked Potion Efficiency across all servers
» All Punishments will be wiped!
» Hub Restricted Returns
» OG 5.0 Hub Return *Revamped*

We've partnered up with Lunar Client in order to protect our competitive Practice ladder on Practice V2 as well as the $1,000 Guilds Map! We're in the beginning stages of our partnership, so expect more collaborations in the near future!

This means that Lunar Client will be required in order to play only Guilds and competitive Practice - no other servers.

Finally, the long awaited Custom Enchants plugin is completed just in time for our Summer Update! We'll now be able to enable Custom Enchants throughout SOTW with no lag. Everything will now run smoother than ever before. We've also introduced three new custom enchants exclusive to Faithful.

Custom Enchants are usable on Speed and Kits! (/ce)

Releases Friday, June 5th @ 2PM EST!

A whole new look...
» New GUI's
» Lunar Client Protected Competitive Ladder
» In Game Leaderboards
» 12+ New and Improved Practice Maps
» HCF Fights - Diamond, Bard and Archer
» And a lot more...!

Competitive NoDebuff Payouts:
» #1 $100.00 Buycraft
» #2 $50.00 Buycraft
» #3 $25.00 Buycraft

Releases Friday, June 5th @ 4PM EST!

The Clans you all loved is making a return...
» OG Reclaims
» 8 Man Factions
» New June Crate!
» No Custom Enchants or Partner Items
» Brand new End, Spawn, Koths, Citadel and Nether!

Faction Top Payouts:
» #1 $50.00 Buycraft
» #2 $25.00 Buycraft
» #3 $10.00 Buycraft

Releases Friday, June 5th @ 6PM EST!

A fresh new Kits map just in time for Summer...
» 30 Man Factions
» Three new Custom Enchants
» New summer themed Warzone!
» Brand new End, Spawn, Koths, Citadel and Nether!

Faction Top Payouts:
» #1 $75.00 Buycraft
» #2 $35.00 Buycraft
» #3 $20.00 Buycraft


Releases Saturday, June 6th @ 1PM EST!

The SOTW you're all waiting for...
» 5 Man Factions
» New Map!
» Three new Custom Enchants
» Seven new Partner Items
» New June Crate!
» Brand new End, Spawn, Koths, Citadel and Nether!
» Removed Lazy Brewers
» DTR Books can only be won from Event crates

Faction Top Payouts:
» #1 $50.00 Buycraft
» #2 $25.00 Buycraft
» #3 $10.00 Buycraft

Welcome New Partners!

Please give a warm welcome to our hard working Faithful Youtubers, now Partners!
» ArcherHCF -
» DesiredJr -
» Eimoh -
» KingSpooked -
» BenBGamer -
» Gankah and Maverick will continue as Partners!

New Partner Items:

Archer's Snake Bite: Gives opponent poison II for a duration of 5 seconds (5 uses)

Desired's Weapon of Destruction: Smites everyone within a 15 block radius for 4 hearts of damage (3 uses) (3m cd)

Ben B's Building Restrict: Your opponent loses his building ability for 10 seconds! (5 uses)

KingSpooked's Inventory Mashup: Make things interesting by mixing up your opponents hot bar! (5 uses)

Gankah's Black Magic: Blind your opponent for 3-5 seconds! (5 uses)

Eimoh's Reaper Shadow: Wither your opponent for 5-10 seconds! (3 uses)

Maverick's Healing Counter: Get instantly notified about how many health pots are in your opponents inventory! (10 uses)

We can't wait to watch you all grow!

GUILDS Map #3 SOTW - The $1,000 Map!
Releases Sunday, June 7th @ 2PM EST!

The $1,000 Map...
» 10 Man Factions
» Lunar Client required
» New Map!
» Slow Pots
» OG Prefixes
» Brand new Palace!
» Brand new Koths, End and Nether!

Acquire FTOP Points (/ftop)
» Koths: 10 Points
» Palace: 75 Points
» Kills: 1 Point
» Deaths: -1 Point

Faction Top Payouts:
» #1 $1,000.00 PayPal

That's right! The top faction on Guilds will receive a grand prize of $1,000 *real cash!*

Optionally, the prize can be claimed in Bank Transfer or Crypto by the faction leader.

Join our Guilds Telegram Channel for future Map Info and Payouts:

All reported bugs have been patched!

» Archer: Once using an effect it doesn’t take the item away
» Partner items: You can bypass some of the cooldowns for the partner items using /hub and relogging.
» Switchers: You can f home, and switcher someone and it swaps the person you switchered, and doesnt cancel your (the » person who switchered)’s fhome timer.
» Alchemist: There have been a few reports on the alchemists despawning for random reasons or upon a server reboot.
» Pearls: Pearling onto a block that has a one block above gap for the players roofs are exploited
» Ultimate Pickaxe: it causes the blocks to be invisible for the player
» Boat Glitch: When a player gets into a boat and then falls down a few blocks and the boat breaks, it can cause the player to glitch through the blocks
» Faction War: When a player is in combat, the leader of their faction can /join for the faction war to get them out of the situation / base. (If you’re able to join the war)
» Pistons: You can use pistons beyond the border plus fixed exploits
» Combat Logger: If you break a block below you (glass) and place water as it breaks, you can log out or /hub and it will drop you into the base
» Rogue: Set doesn't always apply, sometimes need to put on a archer set for it to work
» Bard: If your holding jump boost, your teammates get it but the bard himself does not unless he drops 1.
» Boss Gun: sometimes when a player is shot by the boss gun glitch it can cause the player to become invincible.
» Vault: Schedule fixed
» SOTW Timer: People with sotw timer can bow or fishing rod people that don't have sotw timer
» Archer Class: When you are archer tagged and die, the archer tag does not reset after death.
» Kits Fly Glitch: When you have /fly on in spawn, and go through the end portal, you’re able to fly in the end.
» And many more bugs that haven't been listed...

All punishments excluding chargebacks will be Wiped!

If you want to reimburse a chargeback, contact a Senior Administrator or reach out to @KillaMC on telegram.

Punishments will be reset Friday, June 5th at 10 AM EST!

See you all this weekend! :cool:

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