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Suggestion Fix the ranks.

So I remember when I bought Faithful, it WAS a really good value because it included diamond kit and a nice reclaim and some nice perks for a fair share of money. In 2 weeks or less Faithful LOST kit diamond and got a worse reclaim and I don't know if it's just me but it really upset me because I felt like I got scammed. I lost what I paid for. (I know p2w) Fast forward to right now they come up with a NEW rank, the Custom Rank. Not only does this rank get commands that are very stupid such as: /fly in spawn? /nick? /disguise is the only command that will barley be useful. Coming from the commands that are very stupid you have the INSANELY OP KIT?! Armor 2 enchants above map kit?! Diamonds, Gold, Iron, God Apples, Beacons, Potion Materials?! Like this is HORRIBLE and something worse is going to happen they're going to REMOVE the kit and everyone who bought this new rank is going to be salty. Is faithful going to care? No, because they're making the money. Not only did you guys remove diamond kit from Faithful but you ADDED a BROKEN one to the new rank. You guys need to fix the ranks. I'm not salty because "I lost diamond kit, so now I can't play the game" I'm salty because I lost money that I earned. I bought that rank for that and more reasons. This server is more pay to win than VELT and that's really saying a lot.

Fix the ranks.

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