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Denied Grapyyy Builder Application

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IGN (In Game Name): Grapyyy

Age: 15

Do you have TeamSpeak & Telegram: Yes.

Telegram name: @ImDan11

Previous Work (Portfolio):

I don't have alot, my previous builds from quite a whole ago remain on Faithful Build Server, under Wynters World or something along those lines, (Old IGN ImWynter) (New Account)
Some old builds i have found are here:
(Built around a year ago) (Built around 2-3 months ago had to use discord wouldnt let me post images.)

Past experiences:
I built on faithful for quite some time and that was my main experience, here i learned different building styles. And my builds improved Dramaticalls.
Past servers:
Faithfulmc, Voltane MC and Emperium PVP

How many hours can you put in the server per week:
Per week around 30+

Why do you want to become a builder on our network:
Just recently started getting back into minecraft (about a month ago) and thought i would give builder another shot.

+ Good application
+ Builded on here before
- Not many builds
Thanks! I just hope my world is still on the Build server, I had quite a few on there I just wish I had screenshotted them. If i get the chance again I'll keep a screenshot of each build so if i do resign or get demoted ill have my experience to move on :)


Senior Admin
Build Manager
AntiCheat Admin
Although you seem to have skill in building, please work on the surrounding details around the main part of the build.
Once you feel comfortable doing that, you may re-apply!
Not open for further replies.
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