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Suggestion Just fix it...


Known Member
put it to the kb from2 years ago no one would be on sumo leader boards besides the people that actually know how to play sumo, like me Zielaz and 2 other people who dont play the game anymore

We all moved to mineman where kb actually exists and i still take less kb then faithful players do


Known Member
bruh just shut up the kb is shit
This is true

Kb is perfect ur just shit
The kb is not perfect, as the best players on faithful with holding the current record for the highest elo on sumo at around 1700 elo the kb is actually horse shit, i dont think faithful will ever change back to its old kb where the actually good people dominated sumo and any slight imperfections in movement or slight imperfections in wtapping sent you flying, that is good kb, good kb requires skill and faithful doesnt you literally hold down w and you dont move, i dont see how you think faithful now has good kb, but i can easily say that faithful's kb is horrible, i though the kb then was still to easy but now its actually dumb, i never win in sumo anymore because i dont want to have fights last longer then 45 seconds when everyone in sumo can easily do that now, i just get to 45 seconds and jump off since everyone literally takes the same kb for every hit.
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