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Suggestion New kit: Trickster

Would you like to see this Kit to come to life?

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Hi there, We all know how Faithful has their unique ways of having special abilities and effects for certain kits (example: Bard) which make the gameplay always more interesting. So I thought it would be cool and see if this idea could become a reality.

Reminder: This is just an idea and is always subject to change to balance the current meta


I was thinking about a kit that would allow the player to setup some great baits and escapes to benefit his/her gameplay or team.

Passive: Backstab

Deal 1.5x dmg & slow them for 1 seconds when hitting someone from behind

Main ability: Peek 'a boo

2nd Ability: Shapeshift

Kit: Armor, Weapon, items & buffs

Make sure to click on the links to see all the step by step images


The main reason I thought about this, is because I've seen a lot of scenarios where people are getting chased or are playing solo.

Thank you for reading my thread.

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