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PerfectModerator's Application (The Netherlands)


PerfectModerator - 22 (Feb/12/1998)

CET - The Netherlands (NL)

Yes, I will eventually build a whole studio to make recording/talking with players and staff more efficient.

Yes, I have both and you can mainly find me on Discord and TS

I'm really flexible when it comes to putting in hours per week. I work from home so I can be on the server whenever.
And assuming most staff are from NA I could be on the server when no one else is on.

I could for sure put more than 40 hours per week towards the server and help out the players ingame and on TS.
When other staff members are either at work or school.​

Yes, Reason & Explaination for the punishment can be found in my Ban Appeal.


Online - I was a BuildTeam Member & Helper, Didn't learn too much but it was still a lot of fun.

Online - I was gonna be a helper there, but had to cancel it because of my college exams

Online - [Moderator] I became a mod within 2 months of being a helper on the server. And was a mod there during it's peak.
Having an average of 5-6K players at the time. Meaning I was also getting bombarded with toxicity and rude players.
But I still learned a ton as a staff member. It gave me thick skin & an better idea of dealing with these type of players.

And a handful of other smaller servers

That all eventually died because of financial reasons & their owners closing it because of personal reasons.


I also have a lot of IRL experience that I could apply ingame. I've done some internships in Elementary, Middle & Highschools.
Where I learned to be patient and make the students your best friends instead of your nemesis.
During my time as "teacher" (was 18/19 at the time) I got to understand them a lot more and usually are the same type of people that play on FaithfulMC. This would make the role as [Helper] a lot more easier for myself.

I want to become a staff on FaithfulMC because I wan't to be part of a big community and leave my mark behind.
As someone who helped out the playerbase and made the server a little better with my presence.

I have experienced/seen a lot of Racism, hacking and rule breaking.
And like to be the one that extinguishes that from happening more often.
As an ex-hacker myself I find it easy to spot and knowing how most of them work I could notify and/or teach others how to catch them.
I would love to fill the role as staff not only because I enjoy seeing FaithfulMC succeed but mainly to add something to the team.
That would hopefully make the player experience a lot more enjoyable in the future.

I want to be there for the players and help them out, Not only on the minecraft server but also on the Forums and TS.
I'm fairly active and have spoken to tons of players, And tried to urge enough intel about the server.
I have come to like this server a lot the past few months an wish to assist the team for their hard work.
Making sure the server runs smoothly without too much trouble.

I wish to be accepted so that I could create a great player experience for every new person joining the server.
Making sure that there is a big difference in toxicity & hacking, With my experience I believe that I would fit the role as [helper]
I like a good challenge and proofing others that I could change the server for the better.

I also possess many characteristics that would for sure assist me if I were to get this role:

I don't crack under pressure I always stay calm and know how to handle stressful situations. Making sure the people around me and myself stay cool. I believe that the role could put a lot on someones shoulder and possibly burn them out and exhaust them.
Which would possibly lead to them doing something reckless. I'd make sure to create a safespace for myself so I can make quick decisions with ease.


As someone who has worked in multiple teams, studios & companies. I know communication is key to a great team.
I know that it could get hectic at times but it can always be fixed with good communication.
If I were to be in a position where I don't know something and/or needed help. I would never be scared to ask right away.
If everything I've tried myself failed. Communication could be the leading thing that could either make or break the staff team.
I personally think that this is really important and woul make sure to keep an healthy relationship with everyone.

I am very passionate about anything I strife to do. If I have a goal I will do everything in my power to fulfill it.
When it comes to FaithfulMC I would love to see this server skyrocket to the top and be a part of it's journey.
I wan't to be more than a helper in the future and possibly lead likeminded players that decide to become staff members themselves.


I know for a fact that I'm not "perfect" and make mistakes myself. Since I'm human, But I always search for ways to improve myself as a person. If I do something wrong I won't make a scene about it and deny it. I will actually look at it from another persons POV. And see what I can change to make things more efficient for myself. And make sure not to make the same mistakes.


I've learned to respect each and every person who ever they may be. If it were Game or IRL related.
If there is a dissagreement or if someone has been toxic towards me. I just take it with a grain of salt and move on.
I wan't to be a rolemodel for those who think toxicity is the way to go, And persuade them into becoming more respectful players.

I've received a ton of great feedback on my last application from multiple players, And since then have applied it, and also got to know the community a lot better and have played almost everyday now. I have spend some time talking to the players on discord and teamspeak and already got a good idea as to what I have to deal with if I become a staff member. It's basically the same as the community I had to work with when I was still in the Minesaga staff team. I'm up for the challenge and would love to to be part of something bigger than myself here on FaithfulMC.

Again, Thank you to everyone who gave me great feedback on TS, Discord & Ingame! You know who you are.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my application. If there are still things I could fix or do better please tell me.
I really appreciate any kind of feedback!​
Must’ve at least got some sort of confirmation email inviting you to an interview or something along those lines? Could be wrong though.
This was around 4 years ago. Everything went through Forum conversations. I just need to find a way to get on the account again. But I can kinda understand how people could be skeptical about the Hypixel thing.

Thnx for sharing your thoughts though :)
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