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Suggestion things faithful should fix (just a list not an essay LOL )

1. add slowness pots
2. change fast pots to vanilla pots
3. add a 15 second crapple timer so fights arent just crapple spamming LOL ( or make crapples harder to obtain )
4. remove pearls glowstone gunpowder netherwart and glistering melon from crates and make it where you actually have to go end and farm
5. adding on to #4 make an hour or two hour pvp timer instead of sotw timer so people will be forced to pvp enable to go end or glowstone mountain
6. never do 3mans again
7. remove kb 2 swords
8. remove all partner items
9. make ftop 1 2 and 3 paypal money


i also thought why even have "space hcf" as a server it already splits the small community up even more between space and speeds which i find stupid because i think space is a cool concept but after now you should of realized its dead i.m not sure why you keep it up maybe for a money source for the space sotw not sure because i havent been on for an sotw in awhile but ya maybe remove space as a server
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If they change this its basically suicide for the server, all you're trying to do is just change everything that makes faithful different from others.
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