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Speed SOTW, Ability Items, Revamped Reclaims, 2021 Crate and More!
Come play Faithful!

Speed Updates

We're pushing many awesome changes to Speed this weekend:

New reclaims will be enabled for SOTW on Saturday:


FTOP - if a faction member gets banned at any point in the map, points will be deducted at EOTW.

Adding & Changing:

Switchers will no longer cancel Ender pearls
Added 'Road KOTH' 1300 down South Road!
New Faction TOP GUI Formatting
2x Mob Reward periods - we will notify you when activated
Re-added Elevator Down Signs
Fixed various things to-do with Vault Event
New Voucher System
Archers resistance buff is now Resistance III
Increased CobWebs % yet again in Crates
Four new Ability Items
New 2021 Crate and Fresh Reclaims
If player is afk for 3 hours, they will be sent to Hub
Revamped Kit Starter


Brewing and use of Slowness potions
Pushed various Mob Loot Fixes and slightly increased Air Drops
Pushed a few more pearl fixes - they're coming along nicely!
Queue Display issue
Random server crashes caused by our AntiCheat- still WIP!
Koth Schedule Fixed - should have been fixed last weekend


Revamped Speed Reclaims

All Donator Ranks will receive a fresh /reclaim.

New reclaims will be enabled for SOTW on Saturday:

New Reclaims:

5x Lives
10x Ultra Keys
10x Faithful Keys

10x Lives
15x Ultra Keys
15x Faithful Keys

15x Lives
20x Ultra Keys
20x Faithful Keys

20x Lives
25x Ultra Keys
25x Faithful Keys

25x Lives
30x Ultra Keys
30x Faithful Keys

35x Lives
45x Faithful Keys
45x Ultra Keys

50x Lives
5x God Keys
30x OP Keys

75x Lives
10x God Keys
40x OP Keys

100x Lives
15x God Keys
50x OP Keys

200x Lives
50x OP Keys
20x God Keys
20x Elite Keys
2x Spawn Credit
1x EOTW Token

350x Lives
45x OP Keys
45x God Keys
45x Elite Keys
5x Spawn Credit
1x Monthly Crate
1x EOTW Token


New Voucher System

We've revamped our Voucher system to make things more convenient for you guys:

Player Command:
/Vouch - displays amount of vouchers won for the duration of the map.

Staff Command:
Ability to consolidate all of the vouchers won from a specific player
Redeem all vouchers won from a player instantly (will make support more efficient)


Four New Ability Items

This weekend, we're introducing Four new ability items, I think you guys will like them:

Thor Axe:
Strike your opponent and bring a powerful storm down upon them &c(4 Hearts ❤)

Item: Gold Axe
Cooldown: 5 Minutes
Uses: 10x

Snake Bite:
Hit your opponent and give them Poison III for a duration of 10 seconds

Item: Fermented Spider Eye
Cooldown: 5 Minutes
Uses: 1x (Can Stack)

Birthday Cake Bomb:
Press 'Q' to activate the Birthday Cake Bomb and send opponents within a 6 block radius flying! (does fall damage)

Item: Birthday Cake
Cooldown: 5 Minutes
Uses: 10x

Secret Agent:
Click to turn completely invisible for 10 Seconds, even with armor equipped. (If you hit an opponent, you will turn visible)

Item: Wither Skull
Cooldown: 10 Minutes
Uses: 1x (Can Stack)

All Four Ability items can be found in Seasonal Crates, Air Drops and Mystery Packages...

Speed SOTW, Major Network Updates & Overall Transparency
Come play Faithful!


Let's talk iMake...

Last week, we announced the removal of iMakeMcVids. This decision was made because of the little influence he was bringing to Faithful. iMake did not take this lightly and decided to upload a video attacking both Faithful and Myself.

To summarize, iMake and I talked about signing a Six-month contract to ensure his longevity at Faithful. His demands were quite high, but I agreed to the deal because of how his channel preformed during our last partnership. What a mistake that was. The contract should have never been discussed.

After a month, his pay was lowered from $440 to $400 a video. After the second month, the underperformance really settled in and my expectations for the partnership were pretty much tarnished. Connor is very difficult to work with, he was always in constant battles with players and even took personal shots at me for "not working hard enough." I had enough.

At the end of December, I made the decision to part ways with him. Here's what I said:

In Connors video, he makes it seem like he was taken advantage of, which is not true at all. If anything, I lost thousands during the most recent partnership with him. (In terms of him receiving $11k.) Connor was paid in full for a total of $11,334.00 for 24 videos plus the bonuses for in-game items that we monetized.

November: $5,794.00
December: $5,540.00

iMake's channel during our first partnership:

And during the most recent partnership:

I made a series of tweets in response to iMake's video here:
I defended Faithful and Myself in my statement, that's it. I made it clear; I wasn't going to retaliate and attack Connor. However, I've re-watched his video and it's just a blatant attack against us in an attempt to drive players and creators away.

The reason why he left Viper for Faithful is because they threatened to lower his pay. I know this because an owner of Viper tweeted it out and then deleted the tweet before iMake made his attack on Faithful. iMake made an irrational decision to join Faithful for a bigger paycheck.

Things seem to be going down-hill for him in terms of channel growth. With that being said, I believe the reason he uploaded the video was because he lost his job (understood), but also for channel publicity to revive his YouTube channel. For reference, his video 'I got fired from veltpvp...' a year ago received over 30k views. The video he uploaded on us is already acquiring a lot more views than his normal uploads.

Ironically, Connor abruptly left Faithful last year for Viper and put me in a horrible position after we discussed a long term deal. Total hypocrite.

For context:

Nonetheless, I still paid him what we agreed upon and wished him well.

I had high hopes for our deal, but honestly I hope no other server owner makes the same mistake I did. End of story.


We're making changes to Speed

Unless you've been living under a bridge, you may have noticed that Speed has become increasingly OP over the past few years. Don't get me wrong, Faithful will always be a softcore HCF server, but we've fallen in a bad habit of continuing down this road. Many of our new players enjoy it, but it's sad to see old faces come and go because of the changes we've made. It's time to make changes for the better.

It's going to take time, but we're going to start by:


Boss Guns (replaced w/ Chicken disguise)
Santa Cookie, Fruit Punch and North Star
Ability items - this map will not have any. We will likely have new ones out soon, they will be balanced.
DQ System - if a cheater in a faction gets banned at any point in the map, -50 points will be deducted at EOTW.
Top Kill Vouchers - players just kill-boost
• Removed all knockback items (besides Conquest)


Crapple timer increased to 15 seconds
Slowness splash pots enabled (1:07)
Archers now have Resistance II
OG Citadel, Conquest, Koths and Spawn...
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