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  • Mod, maybe even Admin! I hope you can reach all these roles in the community. Goodluck and I hope you enjoy your time here at FaithfulMC. Be kind and nice, ask higher ups what to do when you are not sure and treat people with respect, make sure you don't get demoted, I know you are an awesome staff member because I recon you from Sage, well anyways, goodluck and have fun! Bye Apposed - You're fantastic friend Ethan.
    Congratulations with this big step in the Faithful Community, we appreciate the effort you took to apply and we love to see you enforcing the rules on the server, I hope you can be of help in the future, and I hope you do an awesome job. I hope you'll have a fabulous time here and I hope to see you moving me in the future. I hope becoming Mod is a possibility for you in the future and what about Mod +.. or Senior..
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