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    Recruiting slatt recruiting hellla

    LOL didn’t u lost a 3v8 against us (not counting the fight w same number or atleast outnumber by 2)
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    Recruiting e girls?

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    Base Tour arrogant xdddd

    need 2 more good diamonds/a bard dm me
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    Base Tour arrogant xdddd

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    Roster Og filsdehomo returned

    omg ty for telling me that now i can go sleep very happy
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    Roster CokeLLC Roster

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    Roster CokeLLC Roster

    omg gg i’m captain
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    Base Tour arrogant xdddd

    i use mc queen
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    Base Tour arrogant xdddd

    coming back for next map need more faithfulmc/good players @frah300 or Frah#0093 to apply jahamesjames Frah B ProudDutchMann Kazuto 1v1er Jonyeong yrd fast ——
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    bring guilds back please❤️
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    Recruiting ARROGANT 10 man map

    playing only the 10 man map as its going to be w paypal moneys, @frah300 to apply with povs or if i know you need another bard and diamonds. frah jahamesjames HCT fastblack Kazuto lunu watashi Zuft yeha -rest hidden cba povs more on @arrogantontop
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    holy shit

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    Base Tour Arianators recruiting ajjajaja

    in need of ppl w ranks and a bard so if u good bard @frah300 or Frah#0093 jahamesjames frah leroy yuym kazuto norito imtootoxic lunu jyup fastblack
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    LFF LFF | Scizorz

    @frah300 on telegram or Frah#0093
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