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Introducing Monthly Recap | The Best on FaithfulMC!


What is Monthly Recap?

The only announcements that are ever posted to the website are to-do with SOTW's or Network updates. Which is why I'm introducing Faithful's new Monthly Recap.

Beginning in January, the top players/factions/staff in the following categories will be rewarded at the end of each month:

Staff of Month
Top Donator
Top Player
Top Faction
Top Voter

Here are the requirements that we're looking for:

Staff of Month:
- Activity in-game, teamspeak and on the website
- Friendliness, gets along with the players and other staff
- Can be any staff rank! [Helper-Senior Admin]
Reward: Staff will be promoted!

Top Donator
- The 'Top Spender' on
Reward: Player will be given a $50 Voucher!

Top Player (Speed)
- Most Kills on Speed
- Least Deaths on Speed
- Score is based off of Kills - Deaths (ex. 120 kills/20 deaths = 100 score)
Reward: Player will be given a $75 Voucher!

Top Player (Kits)
- Most Kills on Kits
- Least Deaths on Kits
- Score is based off of Kills - Deaths (ex. 120 kills/20 deaths = 100 score)
Reward: Player will be given a $75 Voucher!

Top Faction
- Total FTOP Points acquired
Reward: Entire faction will be given a $25 Voucher!

Top Voter
- The 'Top Voter' on both of the voting sites we offer (Total Votes)
Reward: Player will be given a $30 Voucher!

More to come...
Have anymore ideas that you want to see added? Let us know in the comments.

Any player who attempts to cheat in any of the categories above will be disqualified.

January's Monthly Recap will be concluded and announced on February 1st!


New Year Sale!

We've activated a huge sale in celebration of the new year! Take advantage of it at

We've revamped the Christmas Crate on Speed - Voucher %'s have been increased tremendously for SOTW!


Speed SOTW x Happy New Year!
Come play Faithful!


HAPPY 2021

First off, Happy New Year! It feels great to finally put 2020 to rest. It's not technically the new year for me yet, but I still need to get this post out on time. I've created a new format for SOTW Posts, figured I'd keep things short and sweet with all of the essential information included each map. I'm on vacation, so there won't be a whole lot of new content added until next week. Enjoy 2021 and stay safe!

In celebration of the New Year, Double Coins will be activated from Friday thru Sunday! There's also a massive 48 Hour New Year Sale active on our store. More information can be found in the change-log section of this post.



Earlier this morning, I made the announcement in Discord.

Here's what I had to say:

As of today, Connor has been completely relieved of his position at FaithfulMC. This decision was made in spite of the performance on his YouTube channel in relation to sales/traffic in-game. Just over a year ago, Connor was announced as a Partner on the network. This partnership unfortunately only lasted four months or so, but during this time his channel was bringing in at least 3-4x more views per video than now. With that being said, we were very excited to bring him back to Faithful this year, but his demands are simply too high for what he brings to the table at this time.

If you purchased the following packages:


There will be a temporary name for the kits this week and the contents won't change. However, next week we will be doing something special with the kits and those who purchased will be happy about it. Stay tuned for that.



Here is the change-log for this weekend's SOTW:

Mob Loot Drops have been re-enabled!
- Chances % for each drop have been adjusted.
- $5 Vouchers have been added!
- Mystery Packages have been added!
- Air Drops have been added!
- Added /mobs to toggle drop messages on/off

• Faction TOP rewards have been buffed
- 1st Place $100.00
- 2nd Place $75.00
- 3rd Place $50.00
- 4th Place $25.00
- 5th Place $10.00

• Double Coins enabled from Friday thru Sunday!
- Receive 2x Coins across all servers for 72 Hours!

• Events changes have been pushed
- Vault: We've fixed a few administrative commands to setup the Event
- Vault: There will now be four openings to enter and leave the Vault
- Conquest: Color changed to Cyan in-game and on scoreboard
- Faction War: pushed various fixes
- Speed KOTHS - every Hour
- Kits KOTHS - 24/7
- All Events: schedule has been fixed, Events will start on time.

Flying in Claims w/ SOTW issues have been fixed
- As you all know, Custom ranks and above can now fly in their claim on SOTW
- We had some issues with enabling this for XMAS Update, but they have been resolved
Loot Box & Christmas Crate changes have been made
- Loot Box has been removed
- Anti Pearler and Bone of Wisdom will replace Jingle Bells and Grinch Stick items in XMAS Crate
- I've read your feedback and am aware that the new Christmas items aren't great. The next batch of Ability items will be released soon and will be a whole lot better!
48 Hour New Year Sale!
- We've activated a huge sale in celebration of the new year! Take advantage of it for the next 48 Hours at

Faction Size for this Map:
- 4 Man 1 Ally!

Wishing you all a Happy New Year!

Stay safe,


Speed SOTW takes place Saturday at 1PM EST

New Year Sale:

Want to dominate?
Have a YouTube channel?

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