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Wow, what a terrible year it's been! Tragedies, protests and a god damn global pandemic have made this year very difficult for everyone including myself. On top of that, FaithfulMC faced its longest amount of down-time ever this Summer and some of Fall. Very tough times. However, we still have a little bit of time left to make the best of this year.

With that being said, I'm excited to introduce the FaithfulMC Christmas Update.




We've made many important changes across the entire FaithfulMC Network

New VIP+ Rank:

- Bolded !VIP+! Prefix with special characters to stand out in chat
- 3000x Coins will be credited to your account upon purchase
- Access to Hub Restricted
- Chicken Disguise *exclusive to VIP+ Rank*
- /vip spin - Spin once a week for LIFE!
- Access to #vip-giveaways for LIFE!
- Lasts Forever! No subscriptions or additional payments needed. VIP+ never expires.
- Purchase here:

Crucial Changes:

Fixed all issues with our Queue! Your queue position will now be displayed properly with no deception.
Brand new Knockback and Hit Detection!
Coins will now Wipe on the 1st every month! First reset on Thursday, next reset on February 1st
Fixed a memory leak causing random lag spikes across all server

Queue Priorities (greatest to lease):

- Boss/JrPartner
- Custom+/Famous/Staff
- Custom/YouTube
- Faithful
- Platinum
- Sapphire
- Ruby
- Emerald
- Diamond
- Gold
- Iron

Media Ranks Buffed:

Introducing the New Jr Partner Rank! The idea is for us to help these hard working youtubers grow on Faithful and get their name out there! Jr Partners also receive the benefit of having their own 5% OFF Coupon code on our store. Every purchase using their code supports them.


- Subscribers: 300
- Videos: 4
- Views: 150/vid

- Subscribers: 750
- Videos: 4
- Views: 300/vid

Jr Partner:
- No requirements! The media manager or myself will reach out to you!

- Custom Reclaim
- Custom Queue Priority
- Access to Diamond Kit and Miner Kit

- Custom Kit
- Custom Reclaim
- Custom Queue Priority
- Access to all Standard God Kits

Jr Partner:
- Custom Kit
- Boss Reclaim
- Boss (TOP) Queue Priority
- Access to all Legendary God Kits

Other Changes:

New in-game Prefixes for all Ranks. /Boss GUI has been updated.

Added monthly giveaway catered to our VIP/VIP+ Ranks in discord! (#vip-giveaway)
Hub Restricted coupon drops will take place every Saturday at a random time before SOTW!
Made updates to Buycraft bungee plugin to make payments more efficient
Updated all server MOTD's for Christmas
Players are now sent to hubs when kicked for afking
Double Coin Weekends / Days for Playtime Rewards! We will announce every time we do this.
Cleaned up Scoreboard on all Servers

Website, Store and Discord

- Added VIP+ Rank
- Added Speed Christmas Bundle
- Buffed XMAS Crate and Owner Loot Box

- Added SSL certificate
- Pushed additional DDOS Protection measures

Discord Bot:
- Added !IP, !teamspeak, !sync and !help
- Added Daily Giveaway option! #daily-giveaways

Voting, Playtime and Air Drops

Voting Rewards have been buffed:
- 100% chance 50x Coins
- 1 and 5 chance of 100x Coins
- 1 and 10 chance of Christmas Crate
- 1 and 20 chance of Air Drop
- 1 and 30 chance of 2x Air Drop
- 1 and 50 chance of $20 Voucher

Air Drop Loot has been adjusted:
- Added New Christmas Crate as reward
- Added 30 Day Boss Rank as reward
- Added 500x Coins, 1000x Coins, 2500x Coins, 5,000x Coins and 10,000x Coins as rewards

Playtime Rewards have been updated:
- Added all Crate Keys
- Decreased Air Drop price to 5,000
- Added Lifetime Ranks
- Added 30 Day Boss Rank
- Adjusted all prices to that EVERYTHING is...
This update is for you guys - I have read every single suggestion posted on the Faithful forums.

There is a lot coming this Christmas.

Want to dominate?
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