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(Spring Week #2) Speed SOTW, Spring Ability Items, Faction TOP and More!
Come play Faithful!


Speed SOTW Info:


/walls not working when chat is muted
Boss+ syncing in discord
Broken Chunks in Overworld and Nether
Issues with Spring Crate


/p disguise - *BOSS+ Only* (May be delayed until Week #3)
2x New KOTHS
New Citadel
New Spawn
Bringing back OG UHCF Map!
Store theme change:

Spring Ability Items:

Flower of Joy
- Click and replenish all online teammates by 3 hearts instantly. Also give them a 3 second strength I boost.

Holy Sun
- Hit opponent and give them blindness I for 5 seconds as well as point their heads to the sky!

Tree of Fortune
- Click to spawn a special tree which drops OP loot when leaves are broken.

Reverted Reclaims:

I saw many complaints about the new Faithful reclaims - they have been reverted to before the Spring Update.

Other Information:

The community manager and I mutually decided to part ways. He did a good job up until the Spring Update which was very underprepared as you guys could tell. I will personally be taking over his responsibilities at this point.

I've seen your messages about recruiting Partners as well. Now is not the time. We will continue to roll out weekly Speed maps with PayPal prizes and other fun events for now. I am very pleased with the first week of Spring update. Thank guys.


Faction, Event and Payout Info:


Factions: 6 Man | No Allies
Kit: Protection 1 | Sharpness 1
Classes: Rogue, Bard, Archer, Miner


End Event: 15 Minute End KOTH | Reward = $50.00 Voucher or 2x 30 Day BOSS+ Ranks
Koth: 8 Minute Cap (Every Hour)
Conquest: 250 Points
Citadel: 12 Minute Cap


Saturday: End SOTW @ 4PM EST
Sunday: Conquest @ 1PM EST!
Monday: N/A
Tuesday: End Conquest @ 1PM EST!
Wednesday: N/A
Thursday: Citadel @ 1PM EST and 6PM EST!
Friday: Conquest @ 1PM EST!

Faction TOP:

1st Place: $100.00 Voucher
2nd Place: $50.00 Voucher
3rd Place: $25.00 Voucher
4th Place: $35.00 Voucher
5th Place: $10.00 Voucher

All the best,


30 Day BOSS+...


I'm excited to introduce the long-awaited and first ever FaithfulMC Spring Update.



We've finally added a new rank! Take a look at what Boss+ features:

Bolded BOSS+ Prefix
Highest Queue Priority - Owner queue priority
Boss+ Kit - our most OP kit yet (/kit boss+)
Access to all Kits - includes every single kit available
SOTW Walls - ability to generate walls around your claim
Player Disguise - Ability to disguise as a player (/p disguise) (Week #3)
Auto-starting Events - Parkour and Thimble (Week #4 or Week #5)
Teamspeak Priority - Access to Boss+ only support waiting room

10,000x Coins will be credited upon purchase
1x Free Create Your Own tag
5x Free Spring Crate

BOSS+ will be available for purchase on Friday @ 10AM EST:
The Rank will cost $50.00 if you're
upgrading from Boss!


Releases Saturday, March 20th @ 1PM EST!

Gameplay Changes:

Decreased KOTH to 5x keys per cap (2x items per key)
Revamped all Event Loot
New Spring Ability Items
New End SOTW Event
File cleanup and other server optimizations
PayPal Cash Prizes for FTOP
Updated Reclaims:

Coming Very Soon:

Boss Gun V2 (a lot different)
Class particles
Revamped Faction War
Revamped Block Shop
Faction Raidable FTOP incorporation
And a lot more updates in the first five weeks of Spring!

5x Lives
5x Silver Keys
3x Ultra Keys

10x Lives
7x Silver Keys
5x Ultra Keys

15x Lives
10x Silver Keys
6x Ultra Keys
2x Faithful Keys

20x Lives
15x Silver Keys
8x Ultra Keys
5x Faithful Keys

25x Lives
20x Silver Keys
10x Ultra Keys
8x Faithful Keys

35x Lives
25x Silver Keys
15x Ultra Keys
10x Faithful Keys

50x Lives
20x Ultra Keys
15x Faithful Keys
5x OP Keys

75x Lives
25x Ultra Keys
20x Faithful Keys
8x OP Keys

100x Lives
25x Faithful Keys
12x OP Keys
5x Elite Key

200x Lives
18x OP Keys
8x God Keys
5x Elite Keys
2x Spawn Credit
1x EOTW Token

350x Lives
25x OP Keys
10x Elite Keys
5x God Keys
5x Spawn Credit
1x Monthly Crate
1x EOTW Token

Boss +
500x Lives
35x OP Keys
15x Elite Keys
8x God Keys
5x Spawn Credit
1x Monthly Crate
3x Ability Crate
1x EOTW Token

Ability Items:

Strength II
Speed III
Regen II
Secret Agent
Birthday Cake Bomb
Spring Flower

Next week we'll release three new Spring Ability Items :

Flower of Joy
Holy Sun
Tree of Fortune

Terrain Changes:

Brand new...
Want to dominate?
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