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  1. damt

    False Banned so Oliver Makes Money!

    Bro, why do you think each OG player left the server?
  2. damt

    False Banned so Oliver Makes Money!

    I got false frozen by a fucking dumb staff member called 'BestBardAU' got false frozen because he got mad he's going to get demoted. So, he froze me and banned me for something that I didn't open for 6 months :D:D. This server is made to get money for killa, fucking dumb shit
  3. damt

    Roster FTB

  4. damt

    imake is fat

    did you even ever watch his videos lel
  5. damt

    Any forum account older than this one?

    pffffff non og get out of here noob
  6. damt

    rip zona

  7. damt

    imake is fat

    +1 if you agree
  8. damt

    Any forum account older than this one?

    yeah lol mine
  9. damt

    rip zona

    "pfs" LOL there is nothing else yall randoms say
  10. damt

    rip zona

  11. damt

    rip zona

    fucking randoms aka fans
  12. damt

    My Opinion on iMakeMcVids

    of course hes going to abuse, how else will he get his content. by grinding pffffffffffffffffffffffff didnt think so
  13. damt

    Denied Italian translator application

    ayoooooooooooooo bruh chillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
  14. damt

    This server

    he does that to everyone, he never responds to staff reports and doesn't update you on anything so technically your paying for something but you dont know what it will be
  15. damt

    Denied Italian translator application

    he big noob but still amazing dude +1
  16. damt


  17. damt

    Announcement The Return of FaithfulMC - We're Back.

    Oliver who are the partners?
  18. damt


    i saw someone do something like this video and it was hella funny needed to recreate it
  19. damt

    KillaMC returning to FaithfulMC (slapping vipermc staff)

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