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  1. Aabes

    Announcement Summer Update - Give us your suggestions!

    #New2Me for Senior!
  2. Aabes

    Bosssman corner shop #3SJ MR 3MS

    wtf did i just read
  3. Aabes

    Hello everyone

    Hello Expedia!
  4. Aabes

    Help me

  5. Aabes

    Resigned (09/07/20)

    Resigned (09/07/20)
  6. Aabes

    Resolved $10 Voucher

    Unfortunately, you have to join teamspeak and wait till you get moved by a Senior Admin. Kind Regards, Aabes
  7. Aabes

    Staff ratings :)

    Best ginger <3
  8. Aabes

    Resolved Wrong payment

    Message @KillaMC on telegram
  9. Aabes

    Cant login

    Server will be up shortly.
  10. Aabes

    Resolved Mystery Package

    Unfortunately you are unable to get the crates as you have no proof, and it is a new map. In future, please wait in donation support.
  11. Aabes

    Resolved typo / needs change xd

    Yup, getting fixed every release.
  12. Aabes

    Resolved cobweb glitchs

    Cobwebbing out of PLAYER TRAPS are not allowed, however, Cobwebbing out of WARZONE traps is allowed.
  13. Aabes

    Resolved Ultimate+ kit

    Please wait in donation support
  14. Aabes

    Announcement Summer Update Week #3 - SOTW Information and Important Network Changes!

    Vault on kitmap/ different events other than Conquest & Koth Ex. Donator/Staff hosted events such as Sumo Ex. Citadel or Palace
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