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    Recruiting e girls?

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    Base Tour arrogant xdddd

    coming back for next map need more faithfulmc/good players @frah300 or Frah#0093 to apply jahamesjames Frah B ProudDutchMann Kazuto 1v1er Jonyeong yrd fast ——
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    bring guilds back please❤️
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    Recruiting ARROGANT 10 man map

    playing only the 10 man map as its going to be w paypal moneys, @frah300 to apply with povs or if i know you need another bard and diamonds. frah jahamesjames HCT fastblack Kazuto lunu watashi Zuft yeha -rest hidden cba povs more on @arrogantontop
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    Base Tour Arianators recruiting ajjajaja

    in need of ppl w ranks and a bard so if u good bard @frah300 or Frah#0093 jahamesjames frah leroy yuym kazuto norito imtootoxic lunu jyup fastblack
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    holy shit

    nigga wtf is that big return my ass how tf can’t u fix this shit bug? i got stuck in blocks and pearlbkick every 3 seconds staff wtf r u doing i feel bad for ppl that r spending moneys to play a shit server like this that makes me lose 1 dtr to shit factions like coke and other shit ones
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    Roster Fendi/Arrogant recruiting

    Recruiting for any squads server @frah300 to apply **Frah B/D *HCT *MainArcher A *Thrintios *Joker PotPlease Ghoqz Rashing Seas0ns B Juicydog Housings Tashvir Tezpe
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    Base Tour Guilds fights

    if som fac wanne fight this evening on guilds @frah300 on tele
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    Base Tour Will ppl play guilds?

    Lmk if u have a fax and ur going to play guilds cuz I think will be dead
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    Base Tour Need 2 more kids

    need 2 more kids possibly a bard for guilds message me on tele @frah300 @arrogantontop on telegram for roster and faction povs
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    Roster ARROGANT guilds roster + Lf boxfights

    1 LDR Shyromy 2 LDR FIGHTLEADER D/B 3 LDR Dynzy D/BB 4 CPT LeroyXD 5 CPT Lost D/BB 6 MBR fastblack 7 MBR Cape1 D/A 8 MBR Holf_420 A 9 MBR MrMoche 10 MBR AnyDesk 11 MBR shrug D/ 12 TRIAL Whoq 13 TRIAL Yexus Inactives/Open invites CPT ProudDutchMann MBR Joyneong B MBR...
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    Recruiting Recruiting final recruiting post for 1k map

    Arrogant recruiting for 1k map hmu on tele @frah300 w povs n pfs LDR FIGHTLEADER B LDR Shyromy LDR LeroyXD CPT Lost CPT Dynzy CPT ProudDutchMann MBR Syncroy ALL MBR Brandir MBR Nakir_ MBR Cape1 A MBR Joyneong B MBR BlastbleXD MBR GUNCASE MBR Holf_420 D/A MBR yuym MBR fastblack MBR AnyDesk...
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    Roster ARROGANT recruiting + Roster

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    Recruiting Recruiting for guilds

    Actually recruiting for guilds need around 5-6 active ppl mostly kits pm me on telegram/discord also if u want the roster @frahxd/ Frah#0093 ign Age Povs (if u have) Pfs Or type this down here Pce
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    Recruiting ARROGANT Recruiting

    Need 2 more solid and active kids mostly a bard w rank pm me on tele @frahxd or write down here ur discord L Awko L FIGHTLEADER CL Dynzy C LeroyXD M Espancy M LostInHisHead M Iliad M Sick M filsdehomo M Gilly
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    leader please

    Sorry but i didn't know where to write that, so my leader (LeroyXD) got banned and i want to know if it possibile to transfer the leader to me (fightleader) to finish the map because we are like 7 in stop and we could like to push for the win as we have high playtime and some of us spend moneys...
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    Recruiting PotatoSquad

    recruiting for squads and for practice fights pm me on Tele @frahxd if u wanna Join and if u want our roster and our vids of us fighting. (maybe playing this map)
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    Recruiting Drilling recruiting

    need some more members got like 12 rn, pm me on tele w povs or pfs giving more chances, @allerts or come teamspeak ip: drilingteam YeaLLC Allerts SavageKagune Kazuto Dynzy Arap Rocket OhHit Zaxk Toxlk Pyrez Cetrioli
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    LFF Allerts LFF

    edit: fuck u
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    Recruiting Drilling Recruiting

    Recruiting good kids msg me on tele @allerts or log on teamspeak ip (drillingteam) need 1 active insane bard also picking up some more dias. Idc if u no rank, u must be good. don't pm me on telegram if u don't have povs or pfs or if i don't know u we have already downcarries <3 ***Lasmer...
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