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  1. Thrintios

    Combotage + #4 on Koru Leaderboards

  2. Thrintios

    thrintios, combotage, yes

  3. Thrintios

    Thrintios' Little Montage (240 FPS)

    I was bored so I put this little montage together. Note: I know that I made a editing mistake at 0:30 and that I'm bad at the game haha:
  4. Thrintios

    Hello folks, Thrintios here.

    Hello, I'm Thrintios. 18 years old, I like League of Legends but almost all my time goes to Faithful as I do enjoy it. I study Financial Administration, but making a switch to something with sales/commercial soon. I love South Korea and want to move there in the future. Yes thanks
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