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  1. zoeff

    They are Sewing us

    They are changing the ranks/lowering the prices removing all god kits and legendary kits and only 25% compensate it with a vouncer. they are robbing us of are items and our money.
  2. zoeff

    Accepted Cryfatty player report

    Reported Player's IGN:Cryfatty Date: today Time: 11:50 What server did it occur on?: prac Video Evidence: Additional Information: 100% cheating bro check this
  3. zoeff

    Roster Og filsdehomo returned

    finally after 1 year the og filsdehomo returned (tommy)
  4. zoeff

    Roster CokeLLC Roster

    UPDATED Roster Leader Souffyan Coleaders Getlow/pvpdemon69 Captains FIlsdehomo (OG) tommy/filsdehomo jr Members Sander Jubizi Phirion beefburger and idocry syncroy/josheemd are caps if they join us this map and @WatchThisCombo ur too free to come FRAH IS IN roster too [16:46] @DebuffMe free...
  5. zoeff


    COKELLC COMING BACK RECRUITMENT ADD ME on dc Souff#2077/Zoeff on tele get on our lvl
  6. zoeff

    the staff made a mess everyone can tell

  7. zoeff

    Souffyan is here with the truth

    I got wiped of the server by some staff... i will tell u guys the truth what happend. I swat threaded someone on tele His name is @ItsJoran. and it was 3 months ago viper related before ban reset FMC was closed 2 weeks ago. he got me banned from FMC. for swat threatening w 3 months old proof...
  8. zoeff

    Resolved BetterReclaim

    we have custom+ youtubers gets better reclaim than us.... we only get some shitty keys i think its better if u guys do some november crates/godkeys/elite keys etc in it its now worth it rn on the reclaim its 125 euro man common
  9. zoeff

    Accepted Translator Application Zoeff Dutch Translator

    IGN (In Game Name):Zoeff Age:14 Do you have any punishments on FaithfulMC: How many hours can you put in the server per week:10+ Timezone:europe amsterdam Country:Netherlands Have you read the Translator Application Requirements:yes What language(s) do you speak:english and dutch Do you have a...
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