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Anngelo's Staff Application

Anngelo's Staff Application



Time zone?


Do you have a good quality mic?
Yes, I do. I have a Razer Seiren X microphone. It's a very clear microphone and makes it easy for people to understand me.

Do you have Telegram and TeamSpeak?
Telegram: @Anngelo
Discord: anngelo#5365
TeamSpeak: anngelo

How many hours can you put in the server per week?
Monday - 9+ hours

- 8+ hours

- 12+ hours

- 8+ hours

- 15+ hours

- 14+ hours

- 11+ hours

Any previous punishments on Faithful?
I have one previous punishment, which is for chat flood. I can assure you this was an honest mistake.

Any past experiences in being a staff member?
AzialPvP - Helper
AzialPvP was like any other ordinary HCF server, averaged around 5-15 players a day, barely that much of a player base. It was fun to help around for a little bit and catch some hackers. Azial taught me a lot about staffing on an HCF server in general and just taught me the basics. The server started to become inactive and none of the staff or players would say anything or even seemed like they cared so I resigned.

SyncPvP - Moderator
SyncPvP started with opening kits first, so HCF didn't open yet. The server wasn't up for long because they merged with another server. Sync averaged around 5-10 players daily so once again not that much of a player base but it was a good place to start.

AngelPvP - Moderator Proof
AngelPvP was the server that merged from SyncPvP. Averaged around 10-20 players daily and is a good server with good staff and a nice community. AngelPvP was a good experience and also helped with my intelligence and staffing skills on HCF servers.

These are the only HCF servers I have been staff on but I have had tons of experience on servers that are not HCF related, so I know the basics of being a staff member in general.

Why do you want to become staff?

I would love to become a staff member because I have played and staffed on a ton of HCF servers but none of them have really actually gotten my attention as much as Faithful has. I seriously enjoy playing on Faithful and talking to the community, but I know there is more to it. Such as becoming a staff member and progressing through it. I have tons of experience with Faithful, Minecraft, HCF, and moderating servers. I have been playing Faithful for around 2 years now. I have played Minecraft for 4+ years.

Another reason I would like to become a staff member is so that I can bring my fun and loving personality to the staff team. I can bring my dedication and my loyalty. I want to spend time with other staff members and help players fast and efficiently. I am a very open person and I would love to bring my contributions and opinions to the staff team.

I have a lot of free time and with that free time I can dedicate a lot of time to Faithful and help out tons. I love Faithful enough as a regular player, I feel like I would enjoy it a lot more as a staff member. I would also 100% dedicate a ton more time as a staff member.

I have been with Faithful for a while now and it's amazing to see how much it has grown and I wanna help make the server even better than it already is and help it grow more. I have so many ideas I would like to share and just improve the server. I also want all the players to know that if they ever need help and come into TeamSpeak that they can be reassured that they will get moved in by a staff member most of the time.

Why should we accept you as staff?:

I will dedicate my time to the FaithfulMC network and help out as much as I can. Faithful is practically the only server I play and I can help the players quickly and be online most of the time. I will stay dedicated to Faithful, be there when needed, and continue staying helpful. I think being dedicated and active is important for being a staff member because you want someone willing to dedicate their time to be on the server and stay active.


I tend to be talkative and have some great communication skills. If I wasn't busy I would talk to other staff members just to see how their day was going and catch up a little bit. I just like to talk to people a lot and keep up a conversation. I think being talkative is important for being a staff member because you don't want a staff member that doesn't talk much.


I am fairly mature and can be serious when I need to. I am told I have a humorous personality and that I am a funny person but when needed I can be mature. I think maturity matters in a staff team because you don't want a staff member who is going to joke around all the time and won't take anything seriously. You would rather have a staff member that is going to limit themself on when they need to be mature and when they can goof off a bit.


I am a responsible person and will own up to my actions. There are sometimes certain situations where you need to be responsible and handle the situation reasonably. I feel like responsibility is something you need as a staff member because you do not want someone who is not going to take a serious situation and handle it irresponsibly.


I am an honest person and will tell the truth 99.9% of the time. I feel like honesty is a big part of being a staff member because then people could lose trust in you if you are dishonest to them. I don't think anyone wants to feel like they are not trusted because then no one would want to trust them with anything.

Not Biased

I am not a biased person, I don't favor or my friends or anyone in general. As a staff member not being biased is also a big thing because you don't want to be known as "the biased" staff member. I don't think anyone wants a staff member who is going to favor other people such as their friends or popular YouTubers. It doesn't look so good on the staff member's part.

You should accept me as a staff member to the FaithfulMC network because I can offer everything listed above! :)

Additional Information?
I would appreciate any constructive criticism so I can make my application look better and have a better chance of getting accepted. Thank you so much for reading through everything! :)
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