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Accepted Builder Application |LilDubet|

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Hey everyone, I would like to prevent first, if you see some grammar errors, or my english is bad, that's totally normal Im French so I don't talk perfectly english yet. Hope you will enjoy reading !

IGN (In-Game Name):



16 Years old

Do you have TeamSpeak & Telegram:

Telegram name: @LilDubet
Yes, I got Teamspeak & Discord to contact too
Teamspeak : lildubet
Discord : lildubet#0001

Previous Work (Portfolio):

A lot of my builds are available on my Twitter too :).

Past experiences:

I worked on 2 different french building team in the past : "LydraTeam" and "ByxusMCNetwork".
Instead that I were just doing paid order and projects.

Past servers:

I worked for the servers Strow,ByxusMC and Falazia.

Do you have any punishments:

Probably yes, I can't remember the reasons why, but I'm not a stupid kid anymore ^^'

How many hours can you put in the server per week:

Right now at holiday time I can play everytime whenever I want so I can say like 40h+ per week.
While school time I'll say 25h approximatively.

Why do you want to become a builder on our network:

FaithfulMc is the HCF server that I appreciate the most and in the past, I was building a lot of factions spawn in general so it would be a cool experience to discover new type of build and give a part of my time to a server that I like. This could be a good opportunity to develop my English grammar and accent too. If I can learn,practice something that I like on your Network it's just amazing.

Thanks you for reading, hope you have a nice day.

Great looking builds and I think you would be a great addition on the team. Look forward to working with you!

Best of Luck!


Senior Admin
Build Manager
AntiCheat Admin
Application Pending!
Please join and put -Devin next to your name to do your build trial!
If you have any questions, message me on telegram @devln!
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