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Accepted Builder Application

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IGN (In-Game Name): XFY

Age: 17

Do you have TeamSpeak & Telegram: I have both Teamspeak and Telegram.

Telegram name: builderxfy

Previous Work (Portfolio):

Past experiences: Fevox build team, xayden build team, velt pvp, vipermc and more.

Past servers: ^

How many hours can you put in the server per week: 10 hours

Why do you want to become a builder on our network: I like the sever and like building so i would like to expand by building for diffrent severs

Additional: Nope
Great Builds with nice detail, your skill is very good. However with your reasoning try to make it longer and more detailed, along with trying to maintain perfect grammar throughout, in result presenting a more sophisticated and structured reason.


Senior Admin
Build Manager
AntiCheat Admin
Application Pending!
Please join and put -Devin next to your name to do your build trial!
If you have any questions, message me on telegram @devln!
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