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LFF Codeify

Bored and cba to make a fac so lff.

looking for a good faction that team fight NOT BASE PVP

ign: codeify

can play bard and diamond

custom + rank

have discord and ts

15 years old

tele: @Codeify

lost my povs when i reset my pc but i am a good bard and diamond

Hmu for Pfs and more info

Reply or add my tele if interested
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Incrust ur a fucking lunar random stfu all the fac u play with are tier 5 vouch my boy codeify his nuts in bard
Your calling me a random but so far i think No one in the whole community or fucking world knows who You are ok buddy? And i play With tier 5’s? Nigga u good? Your sitting on faithful probally sitting in a base and fucking eating chips and quickdropping good shit faithful random
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