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Accepted I Want to Become a Builder on Faithfulmc.

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IGN: Tod0r0ki

AGE: 17

Do you have teamspeak and telegram: i got both

Telegram name: @PopItUp420

My Portfolio:

Past experiences:

Im currently a builder on SagePvp

I was a builder on FenixMc

I was a builder on some other servers but i dont remember them but 1 of them used to hit 400+ players

I dont have any Punishments on faithfulmc

How many hours can i put per week:
i can put enough time to finish what we need like koths/spawns/conquest/end/warzone and maybe more

I would like to be a builder on faithfulmc to get more experience and try to improve some of my builds and try to get better!!!

Proof That Im a Builder On SagePvp

Thank You For Reading My Application

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Senior Admin
Build Manager
AntiCheat Admin
Application Pending!
Please resign from Sage and join and put -Devin next to your name to do your build trial!
If you have any questions, message me on telegram @devln!
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