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Accepted ImWith's builder application

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IGN (In-Game Name): ImWith

Age: 15

Do you have TeamSpeak & Telegram: Yes

Telegram name: @ ImWithThat

Previous Work (Portfolio):

Past experiences:
All of the servers I have worked for liked my detailed work on spawns/koths and really appreciate me I have resigned on all servers except FiercePvP, I really want to try a bigger server on the sides of faithful which I have been playing since 2017

Past servers:
HcRival, FiercePvP, CavePvP, Pending on sagepvp all of them servers reach 200+ on sotw

Do you have any punishments:
I am pretty sure I have been banned before but that would have been about 1 year ago now

How many hours can you put in the server per week:

Why do you want to become a builder on our network:
I want to become a builder on faithful because I really think I could do some good builds here as well as communicate with some staff/fellow builders. I have been playing since 2017 and have wondered what it would be like to have build rank on a server like faithful and I have finally gained enough courage to apply. anyways getting to the point i really think faithful would be a great move for me and will not be leaving anytime soon if accepted I will work my heart out on this server and show as much dedication as it takes to show the staff/owners what I can do.​
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Application Pending!
Please join and put -Devin next to your name to do your build trial!
If you have any questions, message me on telegram @devln!
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