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Pending InstagramLikes Builder App

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Builder Application Format

IGN (In-Game Name): InstagramLikes

Age: 16

Do you have TeamSpeak & Telegram: Yes

Telegram name: @xjames001


I also have my builds, that are sent to Devin from my previous trial build.

Past experiences: Builder for Hylist Games, (Velt and Arcane), SagePvP and here at FaithfulMC

Past servers: Velt, Arcane, Sage and Faithful.

Do you have any punishments: Nope

How many hours can you put in the server per week: Every week around 28 hours, 4 hours each day!

Why do you want to become a builder on our network: I would love to become a builder on the server to fill more time on my schedules and to make nice builds for Faithful as a whole :) Last time i did get demoted for being inactive but that was due to some reasons i will not explain here, however i aim to dedicate my time nowadays to the server and provide it with the necessary builds.


Senior Admin
Build Manager
AntiCheat Admin
Application Pending!
Please message me on telegram @devln to schedule a build trial.
If you have any questions also message me on telegram @devln!
Not open for further replies.
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