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Intentionally E-girl baiting you - BeachSeason/Introduction

Well Unfortunately you kind folks are gonna have to sit through this short introduction of myself and how I myself became a new member of the

I'd like to thank all you kind souls and the WEIRD CREEPY PEOPLE for stopping by and taking a GANDER at the weirdest thing you will probably read for a whole 5 minutes of the entire thing you call a life.

My name is Sunny but "most" probably nobody knows me but my iGN: BeachSeason. I like to build and on the Speed HCF,It ends up taking most of my time instead of doing the more effective method of killing people. I like to think of myself as an unfortunate ghost, a lot of people I talk to on a daily really only know that I build and have really weird timing of looking at them from my base naked and just wondering if they think I'm "A BAIT" ya never really know.

I prefer basing near large groups so when I spend 6 hours digging out traps I feel good watching them falling and dying.

On a High side note, not much to say more then what I've said before you, I do wish everyone who reads this a "Savor Token" made by me of course to gain back those worthless 5 minutes you just spent on reading this thing called a introduction.

Best regards-

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